Omnipod and freestyle strips

woo hoo!! found our today that my insurance will cover the omnipod start up and pod supplies 100% for my 13 year old daughter. She is so excited. I am slightly anxious because of the learning curve and some wacky blood sugars we are going to deal with when we convert off of MDI, but its all good.
Question about the test strips, the PDM only uses old Freestyle strips and not the Light is that correct?
I read on here that some people had been using the Light ones in their PDM. Can that be done?
thanks for your input

Very exciting news! I hope that it’s an easy transition period for your daughter :slight_smile:

So I was really confused with the whole Abbott test strip thing too when I started with the omnipod. My understanding from my local rep is you can use any of the standard strips but NOT the lite ones. The standard strips come in 2 kinds: the totally rectangular ones and the butterfly ones that have the little { } on the edges. I can’t get my hands on the rectangular ones and so I use the butterfly { } ones without any trouble. I double tested the first bottle of the butterfly { } ones against both my old One Touch meter and also the rectangular Free Style strips in the pdm and found them all comparable. I have NOT tried the Lite ones and have no idea how they compare.

Also, be sure to check out Abbott’s Free Style Promise Program that can help with the cost of the strips! (

Kate, thanks so much for clearing that up. Didnt realize there were 2 kinds of standard Freestyle strips.

Kate, just clicked on the link you sent re: Promise Program and all I see on site are the Freestyle Light Strips, with the blue butterfly on the box. Are the Freestyle standard strips still available? I guess they would have to be if the rep told me today not to use Light, right? Geez I am confused before I even start1 LOL

I know, right? And the two types of “regular” ones have the same order code so my local pharmacy can’t determine what they’ll actually get in! And I guarantee that if you talk to 6 people you will get 6 different answers to this question. It’s super confusing, especially when starting with the pump. Good luck!

here’s a pic of what I use:

My understanding is that as long as it doesn’t say “LITE” you can use it in the pdm. Any type of non-Lite strips are okay, butterfly or not. The promise program is for all Abbott strips.

Thanks so much for the picture, at least I know what to look for now.

ps. I think these exact strips also come in a yellowy box. Just in case you’re not confused enough… :slight_smile: