Omnipod and United HealthCare

This is my first post. My 14 year old has type 1 and we are starting the process of getting him the Omnipod. We havent sent in any paperwork yet to the insurance company, United Health Care. I read that some insurances are not covering the Omnipod…just wondering if anyone has found this out with United Health Care.


I have Golden Rule, which is owned by United Health and had no problem at all getting them to cover it. Of course, it depends on your specific policy. Best bet is to contact Omnipod and let them chase down your insurance coverage. They’ll be happy to do it!

I agree; Insulet handled everything for me, including getting appropriate paperwork from my doctor and getting approval from insurance.

I have United Healthcare and got 90% coverage. So… I only paid $80 for the PDM (in Nov. '08) and currently only pay $3 a pod.

I have United Health Care. My insurance plan required me to meet my $2000 deductible, then covered it 100%. UHC requires you to use Edgepark Medical Supplies for the pod supplies.
Good Luck!

Mine was 100% covered as well. I found Edgepark to be very helpful getting me set up with UHC.

This is an apples and oranges question. United Health Care is primarily a managed care company. They manage care for a multitude of plans, corporations, governmental agencies etc. The benefits vary considerably from one plan to another even though different plans may be under the United Health Care umbrella. So, what may be true for one United Health Care managed plan may not be true for another and in fact generally is not. My plan, managed by United Health Care for retired NYS employees gives full coverage for the Omnipod PDM and pods. I’m one of the lucky ones.