Finally, FINALLY, I’m going to be able to get the Omnipod!

It’s been quite a struggle with my insurance company because Kaiser Permanante only approves the Pod on a case-by-case basis. But I got the call today from EdgePark, and I’ve been approved! And I’ll have 100% coverage which is awesome.

I still have a few questions, and I suppose I’ll need to find an Omnipod rep/trainer in my area to get started once I get it. Is that something I need to call Insulet about? I’m going to college out of state, so I’d like to find someone local, since the rep back home is so far. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I’m not entirely sure (and I’ll ask edgepark tomorrow) but if the Omnipod itself is 100% covered, that means the pods will be too, right? I assumed so earlier on in the process, but now I want to make totally sure, because they can get expensive.

And finally I just wanted to thank everyone here on Tudiabetes for all their support and for answering all my questions about the Omnipod throughout this extremely long process! Y’all are the best!


Congrats. I hope you love it.

Thanks, Elaine! :slight_smile:

Congrats! If you have 100% coverage that should include the pods and the PDM. Based on my experience, Insulet will contact you with the trainer you will see. I hope you like it! Remember that the first couple weeks will throw you a learning curve. But you will figure it out :slight_smile:


This is our experience too - with coverage and also with training. However, it did speed the process up for us to be proactive and contact our local rep to schedule the training.

good point about proactivity (hmm, is that even a word?)! However, Insulet called the same day as my approval with trainer info. Then I had to call the trainer and schedule, but that’s a different story :slight_smile:

Congratulations Kelsie! Wonderful news. Yes, I’d call insulet and get the name and number of the trainer. Sometimes they get pretty busy, so if you call ahead you can be podding even sooner.

Your cost really depends on your insurance. A few cover the monthly pods as pharmacy, but I think most cover it as DME and I believe the initial purchase and the monthly pods would have the same coverage. You are smart to double check.

Thanks, everyone! I found out today that the 3 month supply of pods is also covered at 100%, so that’s good news! They even send me a few extra in case I have a problem with the pods, which is amazing, since I’ve heard stories of people who go through more than the once-every-three-days that is suggested.

I called Omnipod and Steve was super nice in finding my local rep, who I’m told is a sweet lady (aren’t all they all sweet, though? :stuck_out_tongue: ) and as long as the last bit of paperwork is filled out today, my Omnipod should be here on Friday! Yay!!!