OmniPod DASH and Freestyle Libre

So I’m currently on the Dexcom G6, however my first month either I didn’t pay attention to my copay on my sensors or having an FSA made me not care. Either way, after a LOT more medical issues and having to use the FSA money more…this next month of sensors is going to cost me $164 I don’t have. Sadly, I will have to go back to the Freestyle Libre. Thank goodness I’ve not had any lows lower than like 70 so far.
That being said, I finally got the approval to switch over to OmniPod today. I will be starting the OmniPod DASH as soon as the order gets here. I’m looking forward to tubeless! I’m currently on the Medtronic 630G.
Is anyone using the Libre and the DASH together? What have been your experiences with them or just the DASH in general?

I’m not a fan of pumps in general, however, I have used the libre as a Cgm for about 2 years now with a 6 month eversense break in April 2019. I recommend xdrip, miaomiao2 (a water resistant, rechargeable, 1 time $190 purchase that will take 2-4 weeks to receive), and maybe an android/google wear watch…or for Apple watch, maybe the ambrosia blucon, but you’ll have to carry around Sony 2032 batteries for the blucon…either way, flexfit tape will also help. My insurance was about $5000 for dexcom per year after my $2500 deduction vs $60 per 90 days for the libre, and the 1 time $190 miaomiao2 or roughly $430 per year for the libre… and you won’t have to worry about the microwave restarts!