Omnipod/Dexcom 7+ question

Is the Dexcom 7+ sensor inclined to ‘fail’ sometimes like the OmniPod does? I would appreciate any information you might have regarding my question. I’ve been on the OmniPod since 12-15-08 and just started the Dexcom 7+ on 9-2-09. Tonight I got an on screen message on the CGMS that said “sensor failed”. Since I have no experience with the Dexcom, I am curious if this is what I can expect with this device, or is it an isolated incident?

I have had no formal training in regard to the Dexcom because the lady who trains for my area lives 3 hours from me and only offers ‘group sessions’ at night. I’m not willing to drive a total of 6 hours just to be officially trained, especially at night.

Thank you for your time to read my question.

My understanding is that ~90% of Dexcom sensors last 7 days, but a recent production glitch (which has been identified and corrected) is creating a much higher failure rate than usual with the pool of sensors in circulation. I went through this with several failed sensors and quite a bit of aggravation.

Despite this problem, Dexcom’s salespeople have been outrageously helpful and nice, and its 1-800 customer support is very good, and better than most insulin pump companies from my experience.

Good luck.

Dex has recently been having trouble with a bunch of sensors. My rep told me that they usually last between 12 hours and 3 days and then just fail. Dex knows it’s a problem and has been replacing them without a problem. Hopefully you’ve only got one bad one. I’m sure they’re doing everything they can to make sure this problem stops.

There are several reasons for Dexcom Sensor failures. If you contact them they will ask you to download your info to them so they can see what is going on and then they will ask you to send them the failed sensor after they replace it. My first failure was due to me taking acetaminophen. I did not have any formal training either and of course didnt read the book.

A point that I should have mentioned in my email – Dexcom will replace any sensor that croaks before its 7 days are up. Regrettably, every single sensor in my starter pack of 4 sensors died on me. Each of the replacements went the full 7 days. Not an ideal situation, but Dexcom did the right thing.

Last night I called Dexcom only to find out that their office was closed for the day, so I left a message and my phone number. I was quite surprised this morning when they called back bright and early :slight_smile: The young lady that I spoke with asked for two different numbers from the sensor package and then confirmed my address. They will mail me a replacement sensor and I’m really happy about that.

Jaybear - Thank you for the information about Dexcom replacing sensors that don’t last the full 7 days. I did not know that.