Omnipod Horizon? Also Tandem?

Hi all!

I had a recent appointment with a educator about new pumps. I’m currently wearing an old Medtronic Veo (Canadian version of a Paradigm). It’s from 2016 and out of warranty, so it’s definitely time for a new one, especially considering all the exciting closed loop systems out there now. The lady gave me a Dexcom G6 to try and so far it’s been ok, had a few wonky measurements and the alerts almost drove me nuts, but it feels like a learning curve and it’ll be less so once I have the pump that can actually respond to the data. I was very convinced that I wanted to do a Tandem tslim, but my educator suggested multiple times that I at least check out the Omnipod. She gave me a demo pod to wear which I think I’ll do today. But I also have a couple questions about it and tslim, if anyone could help out, so very appreciated!
-Omnipod Horizon: the educator said this is coming out any day now. Anyone here that could confirm this? I trust her but I’d also love to know if there are any articles I could read re: release date, haha. I wouldn’t want to choose Omnipod over tslim and then have to wait a year or so for it to give me the closed loop tech.
Also, has anyone heard anything about just how good this system will be? IE will it be on part with tslim? (I know that might be a long shot, but…asking anyway, haha!)

Also, is it true that Omnipod can be billed under the Pharmacy benefit? I have a massive DME deductible ($2500) but good pharmacy coverage, so reading this made my ears prick.

Infusions: a big challenge with my Medtronic is I’m getting lots of kinked infusions on the Quicksets (a couple bleeders too). I don’t typically get occlusion alarms, just feel crappy until I figure out something is up. I used my arms and thighs for MSI as a kid, hips for pump as a young adult, now I am using my abdomen which is kind of like playing roulette sometimes. (Strange because I have a little extra padding!) The Medtronic Silhouette doesn’t have a good inserter & I can’t handle the manual process where you stick it in yourself. She suggested Sure T but I’ve had enough infusions rip out to think that would go badly, even with the secondary adhesive thing.
-For Omnipod: how much of a struggle would you all say the insertions & failure rate of pods is? Do they fall prey to the linking and bleeders frequently? I read that the infusion angle is 50 degrees vs 90, and think that could help with my issues, but would love to hear from others! Also, how secure do you feel the pods tend to be? Like if I have it on my arm and I get caught in a doorway, will that result in me having to do a new pod? Or so they tend to be fairly secure and only a massive blow could knock it off?
-For tslim: I read about the autosoft 30 infusions & watched the insertion videos, can anyone speak to what it’s like to use these in the wild? Any frequent problems you’ve noticed? Or is it pretty easy peasy with just occasional hiccups?

Thank you so much all for any insight you may provide! Really and truly appreciated. <3


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Sure, “any day now”. Because December 9th of 2021, or March 2nd of 2022, or August 15th of 2022 - those are “any days” just like any of the other any days.

Seriously, that thing is just taking its sweet time getting released. They just finished a trial, but the term “any day”… It’s been like that for a while.

But on the other hand, you will most likely be diabetic the rest of this year, and next year too. So don’t rush it based on the release date. A few months is no big deal in the scope of diabetic life.

If you like that pump better, wait for it. If you choose the Tandem, you are locked in with insurance for 4 years.

It will stay on fine when it is not messed with. Yes you can knock it off from a door frame. But you could also pull out a Tandem infusion on a door knob or any of a million other ways.

Any pump can get pulled out or knocked off.

You can get some non-working pods from the Insulet rep to see how they feel and how they stay on. Might be worth checking them out.


Honestly if I believed all the myths about the pods…but they are myths, so I tried it and won’t go back. I did not do well with Tandem, and got my money back after 45 days due to documented issues. The rep was wonderful and confirmed that for me, the bladder type cartridge in the pump wasn’t working and I had terrible third day highs. Other people have had the same issues, but not all. Obviously it works for many folks. But the pod has been great. Screamers? You shut them off by inserting a paper clip in the back, and that is only if they don’t shut down when you tell them. I’m using the older version, so I enjoy the built in BG meter. The DASH doesn’t have that. My CDE said the closed loop system is coming, but I’m not very interested. I would say it’s going to be awhile. Now she did say two large local HMO’s are not covering the DASH system at all yet. I’m surprised by that, but again I don’t mind the old style pod system.No matter how long that takes, I love the pods and am so done with tubing.
I was able to get a free 30 day trial with no cost or insurance payments needed. That was back when Animas was going under. I think they have similar programs now. Suggest getting some to wear around so you see if you like the feel of them.
I have only knocked one off in about two years of using the system. I put IV Prep under the pod and have to pry the thing off when it’s expired. Every three days plus eight hours has not been a pain to deal with. I don’t mind changing them that often. I do make sure the pod isn’t going to die in the middle of the night!
I have left the PDM controller at home exactly one time. Which made me panic since we were at a doctor’s appointment, but I survived through it.
Obtained vast amounts of info from the podders online Facebook group. They were so helpful. This site is great too, for research.
Hope this helps!


Like Laura, I have the older style of Omnipod, and am not that interested in looping. My endo has told me I control my numbers much more tightly than a looped system will allow. (The exception may be the DIY loops, but I haven’t waded into that area, so can’t speak intelligently).

The only issue I have ever had with pods coming off is if I wear on the back of my arm, I have a tendency to tear them off by bumping into doorways. This is easily solved by putting a piece of Hypafix tape overtop (I like Hypafix cause I am sensitive to a lot of adhesives) BEFORE bumping into the doorways. :slight_smile:
I would never willingly go back to a tubed pump. My whole wardrobe back then was designed around where to ‘stick’ my pump…now I can wear a dress or tight fitting jeans and not worry about it.


Silly me. the other day I was looking at an older piece of clothing and thinking I couldn’t wear it because there was nowhere to put the tubing. LOL!


I let my tubing show. It bothered me when I was young but now it’s just let it be where it is.

I have been wearing Omnipod and now Omnipod Dash for about 5 years. I wear the pod on my upper leg and mostly on the inside of centre of my leg. That eliminates “knock off” and also compression of the sight at night. I have had one knock off I believe in those 5 years.

I am also looking forward to the horizon. In that regard, I used to use the Dexcom but it was too expensive for me to carry on with it so I switched to Freestyle Libre. It is OK but not as good as Dexcom for accuracy and ability to calibrate (no calibration on Libre). Also Libre doesn’t have the alarms but Libre 2 does have alarms but not covered by my insurance yet.

I’m 76, T1d for 48 years and only minor complications. I’ve always been active and chose Omnipod at the start and happy I did. I can’t imagine living with tubes. Sorry

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Very happy with tandem t:slim with control IQ plus Dexcom G6. I use the pump as my receiver. I have never used other pumps.

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I started on the Medtronic 630 but after hearing about the omnipod over and over on the JuiceBox Podcast, I eventually tried it and am glad I did! It is super easy to use and fill and I love that it is all self contained. Wear it in the shower, swimming, wherever. No disconnecting. And no tubes. Back when i started they had a 30 day competive trial where they gave you the PDM ($200 value) plus 1 box of 10 pods free to try with prescription / proper coverage. I pay 20% copay under DME.

I also use the Dexcom G6 which is covered under prescription meds at no cost, so that’s nice.

You don’t have to, but I chose to be a part of the LOOP study where you paid for your own stuff, donated the data, and they gave you small monitary incentives for your trouble. I was an Android person, but learned to love Apple phones and now it’s all I use phone wise. (Iphone 12 Pro Max). I love that I can set my own parameters and not what some company or ADA considers safe. (I set mine at 100 btw). Just know that it’s completely DIY and not approved, so some endos frown on it. Mine loves it!


I love my Omnipod. My endo kept telling me I should get a pump and I didn’t like the idea of messing with tubing at all. I knew I was horrible about catching things on things. But when I found out about a tubeless pump I jumped right in. I finally said something about not wanting tubing and my endo told me about a tubeless pump, that she wore it, she goes look, it’s just a pod and started patting herself all over to find where she was wearing it and I remember laughing. You forget where they are, I find myself doing the same thing to find it sometimes. You can wear them wherever you are game to try it out and you never have to worry about what clothes you are wearing.

I don’t have to worry about showers or swimming with it and I swim in the ocean for hours, The pod has worked really well for that as I still get insulin while swimming. Especially since my BG level likes to go up after about an hour it’s nice I am getting some insulin still.

I’m not sure if I will switch to their Horizon when it comes out. I am used to a low A1c and usually these systems won’t let you set the lower goals I like. I will see when it comes out. I would like to think of diabetes less, but I don’t want higher numbers either.

I’m pretty sure Omnipod still has the program where you can try it for 30 days. You can also send for a fake pod to wear to try that out. My old “regular” insurance covered it under DME and I didn’t pay anything for it. Now I am under Medicare who requires it to be under pharmacy and I pay $40 every 3 months for as many as I need. My old plan is now my supplemental plan and I think they control the cost. Dexcom is still DME and completely covered.

Hi! I’m looking into the omnipod dash. I haven’t found much info on looping with it. Read that most stayed w the original to loop.

My Endo sucks, I’ve been to 5 and none of them are willing to be creative. They just think I’m amazing bc I’m below 7 for A1c, which pisses me off lol. I aim for 6 or less. MDI is becoming more difficult for me to control. Only T1D for 3 years. Age 43.

Thank you!

I use the Omnipod and my 17 year old son uses the t:slim. I’ve worn his old t:slim a couple of times, and I hate having to figure out where to put it. I wear a lot of dresses and skirts, and the pod just works better for me.

The PDM is free, and the pods are covered through my pharmacy benefit. It’s probably the same for you. If that’s the case, you can get an Omnipod system for just the pods co-pay (mine is $70 for a 3 month supply), and if you don’t like it, your insurance will still cover a new t:slim. Just contact Omnipod and they’ll figure out your insurance coverage.

Thanks for all the replies, they were helpful! I actually ended up getting BOTH–I was extremely lucky and my health plan covered both the Tandem under the Medical Benefit (with a huge deductible, but I split it into payments), and the Omnipod under my Pharmacy Benefit, which I am currently at $0 copay for as I had paid the OOP for the year already. My job is pretty awful, and the health insurance has a high deductible, but at least the Rx benefits are pretty good. My team has me focusing on the Tandem/closed loop right now though, but it’s nice to know I have the Omnipods if I had a pump failure or something. (When the closed loop system comes out for that, I’ll be really excited to try it!)

Thanks again! :smiley:

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Hi Laurie,
You can only use diy loop w the older Omnipod. See LoopDocs. Best to you.

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