Omnipod 5: I'm tired of waiting for you

I’ve finally done it. I’ve placed my order for the T:Slim 2.

I’ve been using Omnipod for 5 years now (switching from Eros to Dash) and the tubeless patch has kept me hooked even as hybrid closed loop tech opened up around me. I kept biding my time, hoping the approval would come but the date keeps getting pushed further and further away.

DIY looping has never been an option for me as I don’t own any Apple products, and I lost my old Medtronic pump long ago. When Basal IQ came out, Omnipod Horizon was supposedly just around the corner. Then Control IQ came out, and covid hit causing further delays.

I’m tired of waiting, Omnipod.

I’m hoping that having your pods distributed via pharmacies means that it won’t impact my ability to return to omnipod 5 once it’s released, effectively using the t-slim 2 as a bridge until the omnipod system is released. But I’ve just decided I can’t wait for you anymore. I’ve gone too many years now without the health benefits of hybrid closed loop, and it’s just time.


You used it for 5 years, and then you switch a few months before their hybrid loop version get released?


So you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a new pump and if the Omnipod 5 finally surprises you and comes on the scene, you can get set up with it. I guess you’ll be limited by your insurance coverage in that it will only pay for one stream of supplies. Seems rational to me.

What tipped me over the edge is that two nights in a row I was awakened by pretty bad hypoglycemia. The first night that hypo set my BG on a rollercoaster ride the entire next day. And then it happened again the next night

I’m just tired of dealing with this when there’s been a viable option out there for what, two years now?

It doesn’t help that the Omnipod Dash interface is frustratingly inefficient, requiring double the necessary button presses, sword and taps to deliver a bolus. Don’t get me started…

The profound convenience of tubeless pumping can’t be understated, though… That’s why I want to keep the door open for Omnipod 5 when it’s finally released in 2023.

(That was a joke… Maybe?)

I’ve always suspected that they do this to ensure we are delivering dosages when we are in our right minds. I can dose on Euro without looking at the screen out of muscle memory, but this gets tougher as my BG decreases (to suspend delivery and stuff).

If my BG gets ultra low, I loose vision sometimes. This is a really big obstacle to me calling 9-1-1 on a smart phone because I can’t physically feel or see the buttons. I can feel my way to 911 on an old fashioned button phone. I hope I never have to give up physical buttons.

Will you please be sure and let me know how the change goes? I’m too scared for hybrid closed loop. I’m waiting until a bunch of you all are using it to make any changes. I just reordered a Euro controller. But I’m not real scared of dying from low BG. I’m scared of loosing flexibility in treatment regiment or getting in over my head.

I’m pretty sure you can tell your phone to call 9-1-1. With my phone I can squeeze the sides and give it a command and it will do it.


Good luck in your journey. Can’t you set an alarm on your CGM to alert you when you are going low?

I have alarms set, but both my wife and I are deep sleepers and we often don’t hear them until we get the urgent siren.

I’ve found changing the sound for the alarms to be helpful.

I’m also eager for the Omnipod 5. I just started the Omnipod about a month ago. It’ll be really nice for the pump to make adjustments through the night.

I’m excited to be able to use my own phone rather than the PDM (or so I hope). I’ve already had to replace the PDM once because it was turning off if lightly bumped.

My last pdm was acting strangely and Omnipod sent me an extra one without requiring me to send back the old one (which still works). So I’m glad to have a backup in case of emergency now, but yes using my own phone would be ideal. In my 35 years of having diabetes, I’ve had pumps fail 3 times. Although it’s infrequent, it can be disastrous of it happens at the wrong time (like when I’m traveling abroad)

That’s a good point! They didn’t ask me to send my current PDM back.

It works okay other than shutting off when lightly bumped. It’ll be nice to have it as a back-up once I get the new one which hopefully doesn’t do that.

My understanding via a YouTube video with the Insulet CEO is that they expect approval from FDA this quarter. Last quarter of 2021

And then it’s supposed to be a limited release, so we’re probably looking at 2022 before it is widely available.

I’ve already lost years of looping time. I’m tired of waiting.

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My experience with tandem pump and Dex isn’t that my sugars are much better and TIR doesn’t seem much different. But it IS way les work and far fewer injections. (I was injecting 8-10 times a day at times).

Does anybody know how the limited release is planned and is there a way to get in on it? I asked Insulet back in Spring and the customer reps had no answers. Seems like long time pod users should get an invite to sign up but that might be pie in the sky.

Seems like long time pod users should get an invite to sign up but that might be pie in the sky.

This is one of my biggest problems with Insulet. They are really not very transparent nor accessible to their customers.

I’ve long wanted to talk with someone higher up about the problems I’ve experienced with their Dash system interface, and every time I bring it up with a rep they say they’ll document it and I never hear back from anyone. Their system is just not set up to allow you to get past the lowest level of customer service.


When the Dash system came out it was also limited release and it seemed to trickle out at a slow but steady rate, more of a supply issue I think than a deliberate holding back from their customers.

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Having used OmniPod successfully for over a year, I am in the same situation of discouragement waiting for the OmniPod closed-loop version so please update us all on how your T:Slim 2 works for you. I may have to take the same path since I expect to move to Medicare by mid-2022!

Sorry, couldn’t help myself…