Omnipod Closed Loop Trials

So Omnipod finally confirmed they are in the “closed look pod trials.” Does anyone have a guess on when the release date for the public might be? Tandem is breathing down my neck to decide if I’m going to stay with them.

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OmniPod 5 is already FDA approved. My understanding is that Insulet starts with limited availability to mitigate the risk of their new technology. I am not interested for many reasons. I prefer DIY Loop which uses the older Eros OmniPods.


I would love to know more details about how you loop with them. The only DIY’s I’ve looked into involve pumps. Feel free to PM me if you get time.

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@Elyssia_Reedy, start with OmniPod DIY FAQs. Feel free to ask any questions. You can PM me, if you prefer. I started using DIY Loop with OmniPod almost 3 years ago and I am loving it.

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I would wait for mobi to come out before I would get a new tandem or pods.

Tandem is supposed to be coming out with a Tandem Mobi Patch Pump. My warranty just ended on my Omnipod, but I have been having more issues with the pods. The Tandem Mobi Patch Pump has an infusion set that can be changed out which is why I’m interested in it. Plus it has a button that will allow you to give a small dose from the pod itself.

It was rumored it might hit at the end of the year, but probably next year.


I’m nearly a year out of warranty myself. I told the renewal people that I didn’t want to be harassed by them again until they had a free upgrade option to the Mobi. I was told they’d put a note in my file and wouldn’t call back until then. And they haven’t!

I’ve been curious about the Omnipod one myself. Mostly because I’m in a panic about what what I’ll do if my pump fails, as I love the automation. I think I’ll go back to MDI if I have to. I’m so scared of getting trapped into a warranty if I don’t like it.

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Unfortunately I just found out the first pump I bought with them is a “rental pump.” It literally makes me sick that I have to upgrade then turn around and get the pods like I had planned. Yes, I should have read the fine print but the paperwork was given to me during my training! Who thinks of that when they are in stressful new pump training. Even Medtronic wasn’t as stringent with their rules .

Sounds like you did a Tandem rental (for $999), while you still had warranty on prior pump ?

From Tandem:

Program Eligibility

If you are currently using a non-Tandem Diabetes Care insulin pump for your insulin therapy and are interested in upgrading to the t:slim X2 insulin pump with Basal-IQ technology or Control-IQ technology, you have the option to use a new t:slim X2 pump for the remainder of your current pump warranty for a one-time payment of $999.* This pump upgrade opportunity expires June 30, 2022.

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I have a call into Omnipod’s Medicare department. My Omnipod is losing it’s date and time when I switch the batteries, I can live with that for now as long as I remember to wait to change the batteries when I change the pod (It shuts down the current pod). I want to know if I can get a new PDM through Part D and not tie me up into a warranty and contract. Optum RX lists it as covered, but they don’t have it in supply. I can also buy one for $199, but I want to make sure that doesn’t tie me up too.

Like you @Robyn_H I do not want to be tied into a contract, with all the new tech coming out and be stuck for another 4 years on old tech right now. It would not be beneficial.

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I don’t recall if I mentioned this to you or if it was someone else, but a trick you can use is put 2 new batteries in each box of pods. So when you open a new box, the 2 batteries is a reminder to change them before starting the 1st pod from the box.

And the new batteries should last throughout the month, for all 10 pods.

Also, know this…

It does not actually shut down the pod. The pod will keep delivering basal.

The pod will no longer recognize the PDM, and the PDM will no longer recognize the pod. So you won’t be able to bolus.

But…the pod will just keep churning through its basal program for the reminder of its 3 day lifespan.

Knowing that might be useful if you are in a jam and can’t switch pods right away!


I am on T slim x2 and I have not used any of the features to automate regulating bg etc. because I don’t think they will work for me etc. I don’t connect it to my Dexcom either. I just use my Dexcom receiver and phone but I am having problems with my phone connecting to my Apple Watch now which is a pain.

I called Insulet with this issue and they sent a new PDM at no charge. They are happy to keep you as a pod user.

My PDM failed several years ago. The PDM was out-of-warranty. Insulet sent me a free replacement as a one-time courtesy. This PDM still lives in my drawer as backup. For almost 3 years now I use my iPhone instead. Much more convenient. This is one reason that I am not interested in OmniPod 5 at the moment. OmniPod 5 does not yet support the iPhone.


You can now also Loop with the Dash pods using Loopdev. I started two weeks ago. You have to be a little more code savvy and be willing to tweak a bit, but I’ve been pleased with the results so far…

@Marie20 I had a problem with my PDM (using Dash), called Insulet and told them the battery wasn’t holding a charge, and they sent me a new one, no other questions asked. Next day shipped the thing to boot! Might be different for what I assume is an Eros pod, vice Dash, but it might work for you.

When it was under warranty and the exact same thing happened and they replaced it right away. But it’s now out of warranty.

So far it will be covered under my pharmacy benefits…if you can find it at a pharmacy!

From other posts on TUD it was May 2; this is when they started sending out emails to people who had signed up for notification of availability, i.e. when doctors could start writing prescriptions.

I got my email yesterday (so I’m at the end of the queue - they said they would roll the notifications out over 7 days) and I immediately signed up for the insurance check. Still waiting for that, but it is only one day so far.

The Eros PDM wasn’t originally available as a prescription item (of course I’m talking USian here, rest of world please tune out). If it is now it should just be a matter of asking your doc to write a prescription, I suggest talking to Insulet; every time I have done so they have been extremely helpful.

If you don’t want to do that you don’t need the PDM; a RileyLink will work. In fact the same applies to the Dash pods; they’ve been hacked too and in that case you don’t even need a RileyLink; even an iPhone will work!

@John_Bowler, please elaborate on what is needed to control Dash pods with an iPhone.