Omnipod or Animas Ping

Hello guys!
That's my firsr post on here...
I am a type 1 for a year and a bit and about to switch to a pump.
Even though I have looked at all the companies which are offered here(Canada), I can't make the decision between Omnipod and Animas. When i was just diagnosed I wanted only the Pods but now... I don't know... The cost of them is not a factor since both of them are covered by the province (yay). I'm not reallly active though i do enjoy walks in the nature, trips &c.

I would like to hear and thank you for your opinions about the pumps. :)

Have never tried the Ping, but I can say after more than 2 years on the pod, I *would not* use a tubed pump if I had a choice.

If I *had* to use a tubed pump , my choice would be the Ping due to the remote control feature.

I would not use anything but the pod either. Nothing is perfect, but for me, this is as close to being non diabetic as it’s going to get. For now, anyway. Love the no tubing, and wouldn’t use anything but.

Thank you. I also have thought about the remote factor and accortding to what i understand it is not gonna be part of the new Animas vibe system

Thank you very much for the advice

Oh, and the pod has some kind of money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, give it back and go with the other. But you won’t go back.

I didn't consider the OneTouch Ping either because of the tubing, but in practice apart from that the two sets of devices are functionally equivalent.

You may prefer the tubing; the pod has to be stuck to a fairly flat area of your body and you can get pod errors in some locations where a tube might work. You can also move the pump to hide it and you don't need the remote to operate it (indeed, the remote seems to be of limited use to me and it means you have two devices to deal with.)

The Ping also uses OneTouch test strips, these may be more reliable than the FreeStyle Freedom test strips in the Omnipod.

I think you have to use the Animas cartridges with the Ping, that may create cost issues; with Omnipod you can use any suitable insulin.

Both systems should work fine when swimming. The Ping contains warnings about high-dives (dive pools easily exceed the 12ft immersion limit) but doesn't mention snorkeling/free diving - if you are an enthusiastic free diver you can easily hit 15ft. The Omnipod doesnt' have these limitations (because the depth is 25ft).

The remote controls for both units can be used while swimming, though you have to provide your own protection for the Omnipod PDM (it's not waterproof itself, but the bags for cellphones will work just fine.)

BG tests are probably easier with the Ping because the remote is waterproof. All the same them main issue I have with BG tests around water is that they go seriously wrong if my fingers are wet. The instructions about the remote also aren't clear - they say not to get liquid into the test strip port but they don't explain how to do this when swimming or using it in the shower, rain etc. (or, for that matter, holding 12ft under water for 24 hours...)

John Bowler

Thanx for the useful information!

What province do you live in that these are covered?Here in BC the omnipod would cost me $6300.Meaning I'm still using pen needles.

I have been on the pods for a little more then a year, I never had atubed pump but the whole reason I picked omnipod is because I didn`t want to be attached. so omnipod works perfect for me... it is too bad that here in canada we don`t have as many choices as the US.

all in all you have to pick the pump you think is best for you. have you asked to do a trial on both systems? maybe it will help you choose.

I think ontario covers it..

I am in Quebec and in the same situation it only cover kids born after chosen date. I bite the bullet and got a loan to buy the omnipod and my insurance covers 270$ of the 300$ for each box of pods.

I live in NB, it is covered because im under 19. There is a self contribution dependent of the parents income and number of family members but it's not much and same for all the pumps. BlueCross also covers it so basicly nothing to pay.

Thanks, I will check it!