Omnipod pairing with the Pdm

Another thing I wanted to ask, When your giving yourself a Bolus does your pdm have to be right next to you the whole time, or after the beep can you put it away? and If the batteries die on the pdm are you still getting your basal?

Hi Kenny -

The minute you hear the beep and see the arrows indicating bolus is going - you can put the PDM away. I would think that if the batteries die in the PDM you would NOT be receiving the basal dose but you should call Insulet and ask them about that. I’m not sure how that works. However, we always keep an extra set of batteries in our case and the minute I see the low batteries sign, I put new one’s in. I have had it where the PDM has died and I’m scrambling to put batteries so it makes it easier to always have them in your case.

Hope this is helpful.
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Exactly what susan said about the pdm, but the low battery symbol stays on for a while, but if the batteries do die, I am quite sure that you DO receive the basal, because it wouldn’t be any different than not having the pdm on, if you know what i’m talking about.

I agree with Susan! I use to think I needed to be close to the PDM but I figured out you don’t! always carry an extra set of batteries:) how do you like podding

I like it alott, im still adjusting to it! But its sooo nice not having to pull out insulin and needles and all that wierd stuff normal teens dont need haha,

Once bolus has started the pdm does not have to be near you. If the pdm does go out the pump has already been programed and will continue to give your basal dosage only. Remember when you activate a new pod the pdm is actually programing it with all your basal rates.