OmniPod PDM - data download

Would anyone be interested in getting their Blood Glucose reading history from the data file that is download from the PDM and imported to CoPilot software?

I developed a personal website to take my OmniPod data and parse the file for all my BG readings and produce a CSV file that I can use in MS excel.

I use my site to track my BG,Blood Pressure,Weight,etc and parse OmniPod data.

If you are interested, post and I will respond.

Still a work in progress,

From the dashboard select Blood Glucose, Parse.

no data is saved on my server, it is processed the file then deletes it, and gives you a CSV file.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Also once you register, from the dashboard and profile you can delete your account. This will delete any data you posted in site.

How about cross referencing it with Dexcom data? In any case I would be interested in learning more.

I'd be interested.

I posted the address in post, feel free to test it out.

you can use and password test123 if you don't want to register and see the site.

I have tried to upload my omnipod exportfile. Copilot gives two export options: extension TAB or XML. Which one should I use? Unfortunately neither one worked sofar. Please advise.


You don't want the exported file. Connect your Omnipod and download the data into the Copilot software normally. You can then close the Copilot software. The text file that Paul's site wants can be found in:


(this was on a WIndows 7 machine).
The files are named like: 130056246-2014-04-13-17-13-48.txt

You just upload the one with the most recent date and boom.

Thanks Paul for putting it together!

Hi Paul,
I would like to connect and download the data.
My girlfriend has to do lots of paperwork for her diabetic control.
And i would like to create a tool that would combine her food intake monitoring with the data from the pod and output it to excel, I’m a C# developer and i can read some other languages as well (python c c++ etc ) I’d love to see how far you got with the code to read it out. (i’ve not yet trouched her PDM cause dont want to brake it, although i doubt that would happen.

I hope we 2 can get in contact despite its an old post

Hello, i used php coding and created a module to parse the data from the file OmniPod creates when you download it to you computer. I always like programming, but the hardest thing is to use it to create something if it is not your primary job. I did this little project, because at the time there wasn’t any great tools like glooko to look at average and data.

If you want i can post the code to github or other place to look at?



That would be cool, let’s see it.