Just Got My First Shipment

Hi all,

I've been hemming and hawing for several years about going on the OmniPod. I knew it was the only choice for me since it inserts itself. I'd only do a cannula insertion myself if it were a matter of life or death! I've had ongoing issues with hypoglycemia (which got really bad a few months ago so finally decided to do the pump since I couldn't stand it anymore!) which I'm hoping will be resolved by going on the pod. I tried 3 pods for about 10 days and it seemed to go OK. I really didn't notice them much after a little bit. But I'm not looking forward to the process of getting my basal rates set. I'm trying to start by the end of the year as my deductible starts again in Jan. I also have to get myself an epillator (sp?). I have hair on all the spots you can place the pod and I'm not shaving all the time (plus it was itchy when growing back) and looking like I have mange. Figured it's just easier to keep the pod areas more permanently shaved. I hope it doesn't hurt "too" much. Any comments on the integrated meter? I've used the Freestyle Lite before but never the Freedom. Any general advice or tips are appreciated.


I was skeptical at first, but absolutely love the pod! I don’t even notice it on me anymore and often forget where I placed it on my body. (Oh, it’s on the right arm now, wait, the left?) It gives you sooooo much freedom. It doesn’t hurt at ALL. I think stomach injections with a needle prick more than the pod does. As far as your basal rates are concerned. Your omnipod rep should be able to dial it in. If he/she is good they’ll slowly bring you into your target range for precise control and make sure you’re not getting any big swings or lows. I started out at waking up around 260 and now have it dialed into around 110 in the morning. I love it and I feel SO much better without swings in my BG’s. Also, it’s so accurate when you eat and input your carbs or want to bolus. I can’t say enough about it.

You’ll LOVE it!


I agree, mostly, with Michael. It is a GREAT thng! I do find it a little frustrating when a few pods go “bad” in a row, and Insulet doesnt seem to care, much. They just keep telling me to “suck the insuling out of the old pod ()the one that went bad) and inject it into a new one!”) which sometimes I dont even have, as they have run out or something stupid like that. They also deny that insulin cannot be reused from one pod to another! My endo really HATES the pod, although i am being stubborn about dumping it…I like not haveing tubes etc. on the pump. As for shaving, I dont find that hair really affects insertion site…then again, I dont know exactly how hairy you are compared to me…I have always thought of mysef as a little bit hairy (check out my photo)…good luck, David, and PEACE

Thanks for the reply Steve. I’m concerned about the failure thing (plus the dreaded alarm) but I’m hoping those will be occasional happenings. Heard mixed things about customer service regarding this issue. All I know is that this was the only pump option for me so I’m hoping it will work out. Never thought to try one of the pods without shaving to see how it held up. But how in God’s name do you pull it off without having shaved the area?? I’m pretty hairy so I’m concerned it will interfere with adhesion.

BTW, I see you’re in Mechanicsville. I lived in the Hampton Roads area for 21 years, last 14 in Newport News. Had several friends in Richmond so became pretty familiar with it. Loved to go to the British and Irish pubs there.

Thanks Mike, your words were music to my ears. All the benefits (esp the steadier control and bolusing accuracy) you mentioned are things I’m especially hoping will be better on the pod. My doctor and CDE keep saying I’m very sensitive to insulin and that smaller more constant doses should help me feel better and avoid the swings which really bring me down. Tried a CGM for a week or so and didn’t like the insertion but it was very brief. But I have to consider that would be it for 3 days! I wish they had a choice of cannula lengths as I’m of average weight. also looking forward to the convenience of bolusing when on the go-no more fumbling with pen needles in awkward situations!

I’m almost 2 hrs away from the Dartmouth so I hope being that far away won’t make dealing with my rep challenging.

Ever get back around here? I’d love to go to the British pubs with you, or the old British Pub with the Comedy Cellar! (one of my favorites). Just let me know! And yes, it is an occasional occurance at best, but unfortunatily it just seems to happen at the worst times…ie like when I have just had to invest $60 on new (wasted) insulin, and that is due to 3 or 4 pods going bad, and I just have a bad attitude that day. Also, occationally I will have 2 or 3 pods go bad on one change occasion, and I call insulet and they inform me that that is impossible, due to the way they pack the pods! I do have to say, however, for the most part, the cusotmer service dept does a decent job with what they have to work with, I would suggest you get to know your area rep well, you will meet them when they train you, get their card and ask if you can ever call them if you are in need of pods, or anything…my guess is they will say “of course” and this is great b/c often you may be in a situation where you have completey run out of pods especially if you have had a few go bad on you. I have often called mine in distress and she comes from anywhere to deliver what I need within 10 hours or so.

I have a few friends in the area but haven’t been back since moving to VT 3 years ago. We used to like Penney Lane but have never been to the new location. Other place we liked was Rare Olde Times in the Far West End I think it is called. Fantastic place called the Irish House on E. Grace I think (they often locked the doors even when open!) some years ago but they closed up.

Good to hear about the failures but I hear you that it seems to happen at the worst possible moment!

So the rep comes to the training too? I assumed it was just me and my CDE at the hospital.

If the rep isnt there, just ask the CDE why not? If they have some sort of problem with the rep being thiere, then ask the CDE if you can have the rep’s name and call and introduce yourself, telll them you have heard that it would be a good idea for you to get together sometime and get to know each other…I am SURE they will accomodate! I agree Penny Lane is great, the “new” place is actually quite old, it is called 'Matt’s British Pub and Comedy Club" it is right next to Tobacco Company Restaurant down in Carytown. Basement, Great Place also!

Forgot about Matt’s. We used to go there too. That was our original hangout. I still remember when a friend and I staggered to the ATM down the street to get more money for more drinks. God knows how many my wife downed, must have been like 8 or 10 mixed drinks (she could really hold her liquor in those days…). And yes, we did drive back home that night. Well, guess that defines young and stupid!

I’ll ask the CDE when she calls me back to set up the training appt. But bottom line, I’m trying to do it by 12/31 so if adding another person’s schedule to the mix delays things I’ll have to say forget it. My deductible starts again on 1/1.

There is a protocol for testing basal, meal bolus and correction bolus settings at https://pumpschool.minimed.com/512/6010.tpl. You need a medical professional to tell you how much to adjust your settings when you get the results of the test. I haven’t been able to complete a test yet; I keep going hypo or hyper.

Thanks for that link Brad. I like worksheets where you can track everything. Actually, I’m a dietitian and I’ve been reading in “Think Like A Pancreas” about ways doctors set your initial basal rates. My current percentage of basal is 62% so I’m going to ask the CDE tomorrow how the doctor will calculate my initial rate. If he goes by 50% of the total (which I’ve heard is typical), I think I’ll run too high. Good luck on trying to complete a test!

Hi David...not sure I have any useful advice since you seem to have researched this more than I did when I first went live with my first pod. Just keep faith in the system as when I first went live and like most new users you become frustrated as you seem to lose a bit of control over what you were doing previously. I think it took me about 2-3 months of getting my basal rates down and figuring out what foods do what when using extended bolus ( your next best friend besides temp basal if you have lows). I always use the integrated meter as it keeps track of everything for me and I was on the freestyle lite like you before. Just be careful to wait a few seconds for the 'blood drop' to flash on the screen after the code reading before you use, it's not as quick as the freestyle lite and you'll get an error code if you give it blood to soon. I use the co-pilot program and download my meter info. which is great as you can get a real grasp on what is going on when such as before and after meals such as breakfast or lunch. Anyway, I think you'll like podding I just got my 2nd a1c result back after being on it now for 9 months...a 5.9!! Just don't lose faith while your getting your basal's and I/C ratio's figured as the headaches are worth the wait once you get everything working. Best of luck ~Schmutz

Thanks for the thoughts and tip about the Freestyle strip. I have a feeling temp basal and I may become good friends- the lows are the main reason I'm going to a pump. Maybe I'll be shocked and my basal rates won't take as long as I think but I know it could be a few months before things settle down. Dislike starting right before Xmas but doing it now since deductible starts again in Jan! I wish I could use the extended bolus for a Xmas party tomorrow night (I'm in the saline run now). I was shocked at how little the cannula insertion discomfort was!!!! But I don't like that I get somewhat painful twinges at times when I move my arm certain ways. It also feels odd when the bolus is delivered. I plan on doing the CoPilot program myself. Great A1C, mine has been lower but due to hypos! Looking forward to a "true" A1C in the 5s!