Omnipod question

for those of you on the omnipod i was curious, i am on a different pump and love it, but i was curious. what do you do when you have air bubbles? i have been so curious about that.

usually not an issue with the pod. There is no tubing to get a bubble.

AS far as I know, when you inject the insulin into the “oPod” and it starts priming itself you here a clicking and thats the little tab lifting and pushing out the air bubbles before you put it on, therefore no air bubbles. YEAHHH!!!

I agree-----------Not an issue.

no air bubble for me.

None hear ever. As long as you get all the big bubbles out of the syringe that fills the pod - champagne bubbles are ok - the priming gets the little ones out. Never, ever had a bubble issue.

cool, :D.

bubbles CAN BE an issue for all pumps if you are putting COLD insulin in the pod. Bubbles can form once the insulin reaches room temp. I am not sure if tubing is the issue rather the cold to room temp insulin. Just something to think about.

I second this. Let your insulin warm up to room temperature before filling a pod or insulin reservoir for a pump. I’ve done this for 20 years and never had a problem with bubbles in the pump.