Omnipod questions! For British Columbia Canadians! And Americans! (lol)

Hi all!

My Medtronics pump busted, and I am no longer under warranty. I am living on a loaner pump atm. I am a Canadian citizen studying abroad in the US, starting my 4th year out of a planned 5. I can't quit now to get health insurance through employment, and I was informed by Medtronics that there are most likely no health insurance options available to me privately. I am also unable to do a payment plan, and have no one that could help me do so.

I DO have BC MSP & Fair Pharmacare, but sadly am 27 and not eligible for provincial coverage for a new pump. Pharmacare is currently covering all my Medtronics infusions/insulin/etc, and I still have an endocrinologist in Canada that I am meeting with this January (soonest available), and I'll bring this all up then. For the extremely fast-paced lifestyle I live--double majoring and working--going back to shots is just not an option for me.

As of now, I am considering the Omnipod. I love Medtronics and will probably get one again once I am employed/insured, but for now--since I am studying in the states and the Omnipod PDAs are exponentially cheaper on this side (and holding a fundraiser at this moment for a pump is not realistic considering I spend every spare moment studying)--I am thinking about buying an Omnipod starter kit out-of-pocket, and then having my endo help me out with a prescription for Omnipods so that Pharmacare will cover the pods. What I would like to know this possible? Have any other Canadians outright bought the Omnipod PDA/starter kit in the states and then gotten the pods covered by provincial plan?

Thank you so much for anyone who can chime in, much appreciated!! :)