Canadians on the Omnipod?

Just wondering if there are any Canadians who have managed to get an Omnipod? I’m interested to know how easy it was to get your Dr to give you a prescription for the Omnipod, if your insurance paid for it, if there were any problems with getting the Omnipod from a US supplier/Diabetic Education Centre.


I think it would be tough to get one in Canada. The pods and the pdm would have to be approved by the Canadian regulatory agency. Also everything would have to bilingual, wouldn’t it? If someone lived near the border and was willing to pay all the costs themselves, I imagine that they could get a US doc to prescribe one. Brad

I was assuming that Canadians would travel to the US to get one, but I think you still need a prescription from your Endocrinologist. I have my doubts that a wirless pump or CGMS will be introduced into Canada in the near future as we might be seen as a relatively small market compared to the states, and there are so many requirements (and thus costs) in order to get approval in Canada - including the bilingual requirement - that this will likely put companies off. However, we obviously have access to all of the traditional pumps with tubing, so I’m not sure what the exact problem is with respect to the OmniPod, Solo or any of the CGMSs .