Omnipod Reservoir only 90%?

Hi! Sorry if this has already been covered, but I didn't see anything obvious in the searches I did.

My 200u Omnipod reservoir seems to last about 2-2.5 days under normal loads. But by the time the "down to 10% remaining" alarm comes on, the blood sugar readings seem to suggest that there really isn't 10% actually left. I have started to call this the "gas gauge" experience - when a car's gas gauge reads "E", you never really know how much is left.

So my question is: Is this behavior true for everyone? Or is there something I'm doing wrong?



Maybe I have a different setting, but my alarm goes off when the pod falls below 10 Units rather than 10%. I've never had a problem maintaining control all the way through to the next pod change because of low insulin. The lowest I've gotten down to, I believe, is 5 units.

If you're having control issues when you are down to 10% after filling up to 200 units, that is problematic because if you are close to E when your pod should still have a healthy 20 units in the reservoir, then, yeah, there is definitely something that needs to be addressed.