Omnipod second generation in Europe and new Countries to Ypsomed

Which electronics is ready ? The remote ? The hard part is the pump, do you manifacture it or reuse something made by others?

1. The remote is a commercial PDA or smartphone (Android or iPhone/iPod Touch). The app in Android version is ready.

2. The electronic that is ready, is for the reusable wearable device "CoreMD" (2 microprocessors, a rechargeable battery - via micro USB - and the Bluetooth circuitry.

3. We will manufacture our own pumping "wedge" (reservoir and pumping & insertion mechanisms). The patent has been filed, the design is under way.

4. We will also manufacture our own glucose monitoring "wedge" (sensor & its automatic insertion mechanism), but the needle-shaped sensor itself will be from a 3rd-party company.

We are former Insulet, Medtronic and Bayer (software, electronic, mecahnical, manufacturing) engineers.

But as I said, still a few years away from releasing anything.


I'll report back in my italian forum your news.

Keep working on it !

By the way, an Italian design studio did our mechanical industrial design and created our video/logo/website.
Check them out:

Dreamers 1 realists 0

FDA yesterday cleared Omnipod next gen.

Everybody wins ;-)

Hey all,

Been using the new Omnipods for a few weeks now and very impressed. Only time will tell for reliability but no issues with filling/priming/starting so far.

The new pods really are noticeably smaller and are definitely easier to get a wetsuit over - the adhesive seems to hold up better after prolonged immersion too. Reduced mass of the pods was also noticeable for the first couple of days, particularly when running and cycling on rough terrain. Coloured canula is also a nice touch and makes it far easier to check for problems.

Only downside so far is that they're way harder to get into; probably not an issue for most but I like to break 'em apart for recycling - needle & canula in sharps bin of course.

As for the PDM, physically there's no change other than the colour; it's now black. As for firmware, the only changes I've spotted so far are:

1. ID confirmation prompt at waking: when waking from sleep the PDM asks you to confirm that you're you - you have to give the PDM an ID at setup to facilitate this. I guess this is to avoid inadvertent swapping of PDMs if there's a gaggle of podders around.

2. Additional extended bolus options; think I spotted something about this in the manual but may be wrong. Will check again.

As for other features/changes, the blister packs are slimmer thus making it easier to carry spares. Also, filling needles are MUCH shorter to accommodate the thinner form of the pods.

That's all I can think of for now but I'm happy to answer question from anyone that's interested.