Second generation Omnipod

Today I received a mail from Ypsomed (distributor for Omnipod in Europe)
The text was in dutch and I used Google to translate it.

Dear user of the mylife OmniPod insulin pump system,

2nd generation mylife OmniPod
As you may know we will soon introduce a new version of the mylife OmniPod, the 2nd generation mylife OmniPod. The 2nd generation Pod is 34% smaller and 25% lighter than your current Pod! The Pod is flatter, narrower and shorter and can still contain up to 200 units of insulin.
This POD also includes a new PDM. The PDM is similar in size and shape similar to your current PDM but is black in color and has a greater communication range.
Each mylife OmniPod user is automatically eligible for this 2nd generation mylife OmniPod.

Our planning was the 2nd generation mylife OmniPod to introduce this quarter. This week however, we have our headquarters learned that the new Pods available two months later than planned. This means that the 2nd generation Pod after the summer break in September, is available from your supplier.

Because the second-generation Pods only in combination with the generation of the second PDM may be used, we will all mylife OmniPod users already the next few months of this new PDM provided. You will receive personal message when and how to get your 2nd generation PDM gets in your possession.
To ensure a smooth transition to the 2nd generation mylife OmniPod we ask you to ensure the current Pods as your supplier that you order at least until early september sufficient stock. Keep track of your order, you consider your holiday.

We trust you with this information service. If you have questions, we are happy to assist you.

mylife Diabetes Care Customer Service

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Thanks for the update Herman!
Wonder what issue caused the 2 month delay?

Great news. I'm sure none of us will mind a smaller device. Perhaps we will see them in Canada by 2015. I'm sure it will have to go through a teribly lengthy Ministry approval process?

It's a bummer they didn't do anything to the PDM. 34% smaller on that would have been awesome. And I HATE the buttons on the PDMs. Oh well.

Thanks for the post Herman!

Thanks, Herman!

We are very new to the Omnipod, but does that message seem like it was written by someone who doesn't have a firm grasp on English grammar? I had trouble making sense of it...

My DD's Omnipod system will be delivered on Tuesday, the 26th of June, so does that mean in just a few months we will get a new PDM?

Herman lives in the Netherlands and the info he received was written in Dutch. Google translate isn't 100% all the time w/ grammar, so that's the reason for some of the funny sentences :)

And it's my understanding that the new pod roll-out will begin in Europe (which this document is touting isn't until September sometimes), and then it will make its way to the I don't want to hold my breath or anything, but perhaps Q1 of 2013 for the new pod and the new PDM? Even then I think it'll be systematic according to when your next shipment of pods is set to be shipped (so it's not like Jan 1 everyone in the US will get new pods and new PDMS, ya know?).

Ahh, I guess if I'd pay more attention I would've seen that at the top :-P Duh.

Thanks for the info!

@Bradford, Thanks.

I'll believe it when I see it. 2015 maybe.