2e generation Omnipod

Today I received a message that they now started distributing the new PDM (black) in the Netherlands. The new Pod will be available at the end of September or beginning of October.

That's great news, Herman. Thanks for the update. Few follow-up questions:

Will users of the 1st generation be able to upgrade to the new PDM without having to pay? In other words, our current PDM has already been purchased via insurance - will I have to shell out big bucks for a new one?

Where did you hear this news? I find anything I hear about the 2e OmniPod always seems to be just rumors, and the folks at Insulet are very vague.


No the new pods won't work without the new PDM, so as part of switching everyone over to the new pods, a new PDM should be included in the first shipment. I assume a new warranty (from the company) would be in place at that point, but that's just a guess/speculation on my part.

Herman lives in the Netherlands so he gets info from the European side of things (which we in the US appreciate hearing about so we'll be in the know!). So you are correct that what you've been hearing is "rumors" mostly b/c well, that's all we have for now. The US based 2nd gen pod is still being reveiwed by the FDA. So we won't know anything until after it is approved.
But hearing that the 2nd gen pod is rolling out in Europ by Sept/October is promising for the US to perhaps get it by the beginning of 2013 (assuming the FDA approves it). It's just a waiting game for now...

Thanks for the update Herman!

1st As Ypsomed (distributor of Omnipod for the Netherlands) is changing to a new smaller Pod which requires a new PDM I think Ypsomed is paying the PDM.

2nd The Netherlands is the first country that will get the 2e generation Omnipod. At the end of June I got the first mail from Ypsomed in which they wrote that the PDM was going to be delivered by the end of august and the Pod's in September. On a Dutch Diabetes forum I have read that the first PDM's where distributed. So I think I will get them soon.

As soon as I get it I will post pictures on this forum and keep you all up to date.

Caleb started with 1st gen PDM. Within a couple of years, but before warranty was up, the 2nd gen PDM came out. We were able to upgrade to the new PDM out of pocket for $250 (for a limited time) as opposed to the market price of $500. The warranty period did not extend, however. Warranty period was still from the purchase (in our case by insurance) of the 1st gen PDM.

They may or may not use a similar approach - just sharing this as a point of reference which may end up being completely meaningless! ;)

It's a good point of reference but a slightly different situation. The new pods will NOT work with the old PDM. This means that in order to save themselves money (the new pods cost less to make) they may just send us a new PDM. Alternatively they could continue to produce the old pods for the next four years until all the warantees run out but I believe the initial decision was to supply us with new PDMS. Of course, when I heard they would be supplied to us it was probably over a year ago and things change. But I had heard that they would be sending out new PDMs with the first shipments of the new pods.

Yesterday I spoke with Ypsomed and they told me that I would receive a letter within 10 days so I can pick up a new PDM at my endo. No charge. The new pod will be available at the end of September or beginning of October. I phoned them because I had 2 occlusions and one screamer in 12 hours’ time. Today I will receive 3 replacement Pod’s. That’s service.
As I am living in the Netherlands I have to deal with the Dutch law and Health regulations.
In Holland all people over 18 year of age must buy a health insurance with one of the many insurance companies. All children are automatically insured. (free) This compulsory insurance is a basic insurance to which you can add extra packages. In the basic insurance diabetes is included with some restrictions for type 2 patients who are not on insulin. Insulin, medications, test strips, BG meters, lancets, pumps etc. are all covered.
If you are a pump user you have to use the pumps for 4 years. After that you can choose a new one. You have warranty for 4 years from the pump manufacture. If it breaks down you will get a replacement. If you go on holiday you can have a spare one just in case. An extra pump insurance in case you drop it or lose it, is mostly free. It is provided by the internet distributing companies of witch you order all you’re diabetes materials. The Omnipod system is a different kind of pump system but the PDM has the same benefits as the “normal” pumps. (warranty, holiday spare, insurance, etc.). So if the manufacturer of a pump system stops with or changes his pump system they will help the users to a new system. So does Ypsomed (Omnipod).

Good point. I wonder what the warranty implications would be though. I didn't realize the 2nd gen warranty didn't start over when we purchased it because it was part of the "deal". If the PDM they give us fails, are we subject to purchase a new one, or will the warranty begin when we get the new one. Just me wondering - I realize none of us know.

Don't get your hopes up 2014 for US.

Well, let's make it November 2012 for the Netherlands. Distribution of the new PDM is more or less completed. So I am looking forward toe the new pods.

Welcome Barend. (Moi) You are right, Ypsomed have said that the new pod will be available in November 2012. So we have to wait again a little while but we can still use the "big" ones. No reason for panic.

Herman heb jij de nieuwe omnipod al?
Ik start volgende week!

Groeten uit Zwolle

Nog geen nieuwe pod's. Jij wel? Still no new Pods. November they will be available.

Aanstaande maandag komt Ypsomed de vernieuwde omnipod brengen en uitleg geven.
Dinsdagochtend ga ik naar de diabetesverpleegkundige om echt te beginnen!

next monday Ypsomed wil deliver the new omnipod too me.
tuesday in the morning i will see my docter for starting the omnipod pump!

Fastboy, please keep us posted. Could you explain why additional training is required for the new pods? My understanding is that they are just smaller but the system remains unchanged.

Because the omnipod will be my first pump!

Enjoy it - you won't be disappointed.

The new PDM software changed a little, they say.
In Europe it should always display IOB, there should be other (little) changes too.

The pods are small!!!!
Got it on right now dont feel it at all!!

I'll see, one more box "old pods" to go.