Omnipod second generation in Europe and new Countries to Ypsomed

There's a press release on 11 april (link) which states:

Ypsomed will become the exclusive distributor of the OmniPod insulin pump in a total of 22 countries, including several additional countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
"We have recently sent Ypsomed their initial shipment of the next generation OmniPod for sale in Europe where it has CE Mark clearance...."

I'm wondering if anybody as an insiders view and can tell which are these countries ?

Here in Italy we are waiting omnipod from so long ....

Hi there. I am told we should have the OmniPod ii by May

We "who" ?
Do you mean in the USA ?

He means the European Community. He personally is in Britain. I don't know about Italy specifically. Your best bet would be to call/e-mail Ypsomed directly and ask them.

I was told May/June for the US.

Hi Gil, you going to friends for life?? We will be there in Orlando!! Hope you can come and meet up! Kennedy is a little down on diabetes camp, but she's positive about a Marriott resort with 6 swimming pools...

I'd like to see what else I can do to help you with your company...

AND by the way, do you know the new features of the next gen pod?? I figured you might...

super bolus?
Insulin lookback?
insulin timer? ( to estimate time to less than 150 for a correction)



OOH! by who??? I can't get anything out of these omnipod people, they have to be tight lipped... Investor side?

The new pods still haven't received clearance from the FDA here in the US so I highly doubt we'll see them in May or June.

Hi Natalie,

Pancreum (and I) are in the San Francisco Bay area now (Fremont, CA). So I won't be at the event in Orlando. I wish Kennedy the very best.

Unfortunately, I don't have any info on the new pod features. They don't have FDA approval yet, so they won't be available in the U.S. for a while.


We won't see them till 2014 if lucky.... so don't hold your breath.

You are one which does think positive isn't it ? ;-)

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The world needs both dreamers and realest.

OK so consider: Insulet needs to sell omnipod 2, they are producing 300000 pod/month and Europe doesn't need them all.
They lost money every year since foundation, and the new pod costs 30% less to them to produce.
So they need it: if it's not approved by FDA these months, Insulet is no more.

That would make me so angry, can we do anything to lobby the FDA into speeding up this process. We've all known about the second generation for years. Its horrible that they can prolong an upgrade to a product so long that the company can go under just from waiting. We have been very happy with the Omnipod and Insulet as a company,(They replaced a PDM that was damaged in son's backpack... hard case now), they need to be contender with the other pump manufacturers. The features only Omnipod offers were just what made "D" life easier for my son.

If we all wait a year or two we will be able to switch to the SOLO micropump.

What is the SOLO - i still love the "Pancreum" model


2 years ago Roche aquired an Israel-based Medingo company which had developed and FDA approved a patch pump (link diabetesmine).
We are still waiting ..... they say late 2012 in small quantities in Europe

we are planning a limited launch in the Netherlands and Germany in the second half of 2012 with a U.S. launch to follow

official link

pancreum is only a design, nothing real

Check every country on and you find one country, The Netherlands that has a advertisement for the 2e generation Omnipod. `Don´t wait, start now and you will be the first to get the new Mylife Omnipod` The ad is there since q4 2011. So Holland will be the first country I think.

Pancreum is more than just a "design" or "concept". The electronics/software prototype is ready and functional, including an feature-rich Android app that controls the system via Bluetooth.
However, the pumping/insertion mechanisms still are in the engineering stage and it will be a few years before it is released. We're still negotiating with V. C. firms for proper funding and still have to go through clinical trials and the FDA/CE Mark/etc approval process.