Omnipod shippment

Hey All,
I am wondering what your experience has been with receiving your next shipment of pods. I started the pod in June this year. I received a phone call at the beginning of August saying my next shipment of pods was set to arrive in a few weeks. Around the last week in August nothing had arrived so I called to check and the reoder lady said she saw that it was in the system for them to have gone but they were just not sent. This wasn’t comforting to me as I had 3 pods left.
Long story short after multiple calls to Omnipod and my insurance company (who had to re-approve them because we crossed over into a new month) I got them in the 2nd week of September. Now it is December and I am down to 5 pods, I haven’t received a phone call telling me they are on their way. I am wondering if I need to call and follow up.

What has been your experience? Do you normally get a call letting you know they are on their way? How soon do you get them before you should run out of pods?

Thanks for you help! Just want to have clear expectations before I call again.


If I were you, I would call and ask the representative if you are on their ‘automatic shipment’ program? This is what I did when I approached the end of my supply of pods the first few time. I started on the pod 12-15-08 and the 2nd rep I talked with asked me if I wanted to be on their ‘automatic refill’ program (since my insurance had already consented to cover the cost). My shipments usually came within a week, very rarely any more than that. Hope this helps you.


I am on automatic shipment. I started on OmniPod at the beginning of September and received the starter box of 10 pods included with the PDM. I also received three boxes of pods for my initial 90 day supply. Last Friday (December 4), I received three boxes of pods for the next 90 days and a replacement for one pod that failed. I didn’t have to call for this shipment; it just showed up. Also I did not receive any notification that they were coming. I would have liked one because I didn’t find them right a way, and the outside corrugated box got wet.

I’m on the automatic shipment program but I always call anyway, usually when I am down to 5 pods, and request the the next shipment be sent at that time. They always say they have to check with insurance to approve the “early” shipment, but that has never held it up.

Maybe I got your pods, Jamie. I am having just the opposite problem. My insurance changed and an Omni Pod person called to tell me I needed to submit $3000. I was confused as I was not needing a pod shipment and wasn’t sure why she was calling. When I tried to clarify, her demeanor changed from friendly and helpful to bored and short. Once I understood that I now had a new deductable to meet, I asked her to not ship as I had plenty of pods and wanted to speak to my insurance company. The pods showed up anyway. I called and explained my story, the customer service person said that she’d arrange for me to ship the pods back. An envelope arrived at my house a few weeks later. I called and explained that I had a box of 50 pods…the envelope would not hold them. I was passed around to 3 different departments and was finally told that a shipping label would be sent. It hasn’t arrived yet…3 weeks later. Since it takes a long while to be billed by insulet, I will have to wait and see what their next move is. I love my Opod…the support people were very helpful when I first started on the pod. Their shipping and billing seem to be the weak spots.

I was on the automatic reorder shipment, but they were gonna send a new shipment while I still had 6 boxes left. They called to tell me they were sending them out and I asked if they could wait since I still had quite a few. With all the horror stories I read about shipments being delayed I went ahead and called when I still had 2 boxes. I figure better safe than sorry. But I got my new shipment in a few days.

Thanks all!

It seems that I am on the auto shipment but they do not ship until the very end when my pods are running out. Looks like I need to bump that date up a little next time. I learned this time that Insulet says its my insurance that is holding things up and my insurance says they never received things from Insulet. Who to believe? I will get my new pods on Friday with only two left. That is cutting it a little close for me.

Looks like this will just be part of the process for me, calling to check every three months and making sure the order goes out on time.

Thanks again!

My experience was crazy trying to order my sons first replacements. We have to go through another vendor since my insurance doesn’t have a contract with Insulet. When I called Insulet to re-order, they didn’t let me know this. When I called back a week later to find out when they would come, they told me about the other vendor. When I called the vendor, they said they didn’t have authorization from my doctor. Doctor said they did authorize and when I called the vendor back they said it was the insurance company they didn’t have authorization from. Insurance company said they did and it was our primary care group holding things up. When I spoke with my omnipod sales rep he made some calls and told me the pods would be here by the end of the week and gave ne some extras until then. The day they were to arrive came and went and I called the vendor and they said they were still waiting for authorization (not sure what my sales rep was talking about). I went ballistic. I started the rounds of calls again and still wasn’t getting anywhere. Called the sales rep again and he made more calls, gave me more extras, and after a few days said things were ok. It was still another week before we got the pods. This whole process took almost 3 weeks and I was thankful my rep lived in the area so I could get the extras. Now I am afraid to reorder next time!!!