My auto delivery of pods was screwed up!

Has anybody else had a problem with the auto delivery of Omnipods every 3 months? My last delivery was on Dec 2. I was expected to receive another 90 days worth of pods last week but they hadn’t arrived. I called Insulet this morning to ask about my delivery & when they checked I was told; “Oh that should have shipped 6 days ago!!” They asked me how many pods I had left & then they told me they would send my shipment by overnight express mail at their expense. If I had not called I would have been in a bind! Has this happened to anybody else? Should I call in another 90 days to make sure I get my next shipment? thanx.

Even though I get my supplies of infusion sets (cant quite afford the pod)… monthly, I ALWAYS call 5-7 days before the expected ship date and confirm… You should call in about 85 days so it gives them 5 business days to ship it out…

Usually I get an email notification that lets me know my pods have shipped. If you get low on supplies and don’t get an email notification by the time you’re down to 5 or 7 pods (which should be 2 weeks of supplies, depending on your usage), then I would call them again. Of course that’s given that you have provided them w/ an email you check often, etc.
Glad you averted your own crisis by following up w/ them! It’s frustrating sometimes that we have to be our own advocates 24/7/365 when others supposedly “have our back”… :-/


Are you paid up for your previous orders? I’ve done this a couple times, where I haven’t paid in full for past shipments. They won’t mail me a new supply of pods unless my balance is $0.00, or nearly thereabouts. Just a thought.

Cheers, Mike

get my daughters omnipods from edgepark, we always get an email notice. First notice to let us know they are waiting for insurance approval, which is so funny, because she been on them now for 2 yrs. Second email is when the delivery has been shipped. Unfortunately, the will be coming tomorrow UPS in the rain storm!!! will they be wrapped, I dont know? Big rain storm coming, but i doubt my boss will let me off for a delivery!!!

I have not had a problem but after reading this post I need to keep a better watch out and as Bradford says when you done to your last pods to make sure and check that the new order is on it way! Glad you were able to get it overnight and for giving a heads up for us that have not thought of this!

I received the overnight shipment this afternoon so all is well. Yes, I am paid up. I have Oxford insurance which covers the entire bill except for a $25 copay which is automatically charged to my CC. It was an insulet screwup for sure! I never received any email. When I called yesterday they confirmed my email addy too!

I haven’t had any problems receiving shipments. I am on the pod and so is my son. We receive shipments 1 month apart and usually the first week of the month. I receive an email from Insulet regarding the shipment so I am always watching for the box to arrive. Luckly, since we both are on the same system, we have extra supplies between the two of us in the event of running out.

Now… don’t get me started on my insulin shipment from Caremark. I don’t know what type of business model they use but it definately could use refinement. I have received warm insulin several times from Caremark during the summer months where 9 bottles were completely warm to the touch. I had to threaten one of the pharmacists that if I went into DKA because of my insulin that I would come after his license… needless to say… I had a new shipment of insulin the next day (no questions asked).

When you get down to 4-5 pods call them to Re-Order just to be safe. Thats what I do.