Improvements to OmniPod system

I know some people have posted similar discussions but I am curious what people think. I have been thinking about what sort of improvements I would like in the next version of the OmniPod system.

I would like to see an serious upgrade to some software that can be combined with the PDM. This would go along with drastic improvements in the PDM itself. A full touchscreen control like an iPhone or some other touchscreen mobile device would be amazing. With that a more user friendly system on the PDM for your basal programs, BG and insulin delivery histories, and a large database that can easily be downloaded to a computer through USB into the aforementioned software. Why can’t the PDM be more like an iPod touch or other mobile devices? It seems like they could do something to just make the whole system slicker without too serious an increase in cost. Perhaps they could partner up with one of the companies that make mobile devices to make the PDM sexier. Consider the iPDM.

I would also like to see a smoother pod without the corners on the back so that they don’t get snagged as much. Maybe they could make different shaped pods for different parts of the body. You could order the shape depending on the areas of the body you use the most. I think this would help drastically with pod-snag which is one of the things that is frustrating about the pod system. I don’t have any major complaints about the adhesive but maybe they could improve how the pods and adhesive are integrated. If there is an adhesive that would work better I would be all for that improvement.

It would be interesting to see the whole system a little more sleek and modern. I feel like I am using technology from 2001 sometimes and for something so important and central to my lifestyle living with diabetes I feel like improvements can be made without a significant increase of cost. I wouldn’t mind seeing different types of PDMs that all have different features and you could choose how fancy you want it. Maybe they could set them up with different software programs or apps that you could choose when you get an OmniPod.

As far as apps for iPhone or other devices I feel like they should be available, although I would prefer to use a PDM as a separate device.

I’m sure many of you also have some thoughts about what you would like to see in an OmniPod system so please share them.

Well, before they get too fancy, I’d like to just be able to see the screen outside in the daylight.

I just want to be able to set my insulin to carb ratio to 4.5. Half units (really even quarter units) are huge when you need as much insulin as I do. If I’m having 25 grams of carbs I don’t really need 5 units of insulin… but 4 units isn’t going to come close to being what I need. Why can’t I set the ratio to a more precise number?!

Yeah, before the get into design and input methods I would rather have Pods that don’t fail nearly as much as they do now… like brand new ones that die when filling them with insulin.

Even though I didn’t get as good of coverage out of it, I am thinking about going back to the Animas Ping because of all the Pod failures.

I agree, that would be part of what I would want with an overhaul of the whole PDM.

I have been using OmniPod since September '10 and I have had only 2 pod failures ever so this isn’t a huge problem for me. If I were you and if this has become a bad problem I would seek some help because I wonder if there is something that can be done. Have you been using room temp insulin when filling it? I have heard of many other people struggling with failures and once they used room temp insulin they ceased to have issues. Don’t know what it is you are struggling with, just speculating.

I agree that it would be nice to set the carb ratio a bit more precise. However, you can adjust your bolus each time you are set to deliver it and that is by .05 units or something similar. Before you settle on your bolus dose and hit confirm you can adjust it according to what you want to take. I like to remind myself that I am smarter than the PDM (not always true) and adjust whenever I feel it is necessary. I don’t know if you knew that or not but regardless it would be nicer to be more precise in the settings.

I often do this but more often I find myself just eating a little extra at the end of the meal which is NOT the healthy way to do it. :slight_smile:

Talk to your sales rep or call Omnipod. They will bend over backwards and then some to help. We finally figured out it wasn’t the pods failing but I had a defective PDM. This was in my first few months with them. My replacement PDM came and no more pod failures.

I would also like to add that there is not currently an easy way for active kids to carry it with them. We tried the clip that the company sells, but it didn’t stay on belts or pockets very well, especially when sitting. It was difficult to keep from sliding and falling off. Accessories for carrying it, like was mentioned, such a central part to daily life, could be improved on.

You can call the company, tell them what happened and they may request you to send them the one that failed, along with a lot number. Sometimes, they will send you a whole new box at no cost, if enough of them in the one lot have failed.