OmniPod using Johnson & Johnson Lifescan?

Has anyone else read or ran across any info. on this? I just read an investement article on PODD that talks about OmniPod working with Johnson & Johnson. This is the first that I've heard of this and curious as to what it might mean or if a change in the pdm controller of the podds. Below is a cut and paste from the article I read...Just curious is anyone else knows anything more on this.

"Currently, Insulet Corporation’s next generation OmniPod insulin pump is awaiting 510(k) clearance from the FDA and it will also be compatible with the LifeScan blood glucose monitoring technology that has been developed by Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ). Specifically, the Insulet Corporation and Johnson & Johnson deal means that LifeScan's OneTouch technology will be incorporated into a new personal diabetes manager that patients use to control the OmniPod with a mid-2013 commercial release being targeted"

There was some discussion of this in this post last month about One Touch in the New PDM.

I think there will likely be 2 PDMs available for a time period (as they introduce the new one touch version after the current Freestyle based system is introduced in the new PDMs with the smaller pod release), but like others mentioned in that discussion, I think they will ultimately pick one and go with it (and it will probably depend on who gives better financial whose pockets are deeper: Abbott or J&J?).

Very interesting. I was at St Barts hospital today (London). They were talking about a Dex / Omnipod closed loop system. I have to say it surprised me. Maybe this is part of the same push ??