Dexcom and Omnipod integration

I want to get the new G4 system but I don’t want to purchase it and then in 6 months have the OmniPod and Dexcom become integrated into one PDM. If anyone thinks its anymore than a year I will still get the G4 but if there is not going to be that long of a wait I might just wait…

Any news on that? And is it just smaller pods that were approved or a new PDM too?

My son got the Omnipod in 2009. He was told that both the smaller pod and the integration with Dexcom were "right around the corner." We didn't wait for either the Omnipod or the Dexcom and I'm very thankful for that. I can't imagine integration happening anytime soon for two reasons - they both just came out with new devices, so they probably haven't submitted for the next stage. If it isn't submitted yet, it will be a long time since everything diabetes related takes forever to get through the FDA. I definitely wouldn't wait if I were you.


Good to know :slight_smile: thanks! Now…what do I do with my old dexcom and hunk of sensors? Lol

I was waiting too, but since Omnipod just released their new smaller pod without the integration, I'm not thinking it'll be any time soon. I'll probably jump on the G4 bandwagon at my next Endo appointment.

I read an investment research report the other day which said that Insulet has abandoned the integration with Dexcom. Insulet has given up on the idea of a dual sensor product and will announce in a few weeks an agreement which will incorporate the podd and the sensor in the same unit ( we will only have one item attached to our bodies).

This maybe new information to some of you but I thought it was worth mentioning. It is possible that the research report I read was mistaken but, I do not think that is the case.

Hope this helps your decision.

I agree, they wouldn't be tweaking the PDM if there was something big coming down the road. From my understanding there is some big hurdle for the FDA to get over with a remote device that functions as both CGM and PDM.

Do you have a link to that report? I'd like to read it!

I am not able to forward the report due to all the legal requirements. I would suggest you google this topic and see what comes up. The news was given by Insulet to Stock analysts last week at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

Here is the podcast

It's free (and long).
Didn't ear it, but what you say was insulet idea some years ago. The problem is a sensor can last weeks while a pump set only 3 days. I don't see how thay can solve this ...

The podcast answers Danielle's question:

There is no plan to ever integrate the Dexcom receiver functionality into the OmniPod PDM.

Insulet and Dexcom are not cooperating on anything anymore.

Insulet pursues a proprietary sensor which is at least 2-3 years out.

Thanks for posting. This was really informative!

I've learned that I can't wait on the "next big thing" when deciding on a new pump/cgm/etc. Four years ago I was in the market for a new pump. I was really interested in the Animas Ping, but I was really hoping for integration with Dexcom. I ended up going with Medtronic because they already had integration with their own sensors. I'm glad I didn't wait, because Animas and Dexcom integration still hasn't happened (in the US). I would suggest looking at what is on the market right now and not worry about what is "around the corner".

If you go to the Dexcom users site here they have a discussion on the integration and several links. Their site says that it is not likely in the near future and the Insulet is looking to start over with a new partner. It is sad, as that is why I went with both the Omnipod and the Dexcom. I am happy with both but they are sometime a hassle. Much better then injections 4 or 5 times daily. I lost my pancreas to surgery so this is my lifeline until they have replacement surgeries available with "Grow your own pancreas."

ummm... its not going to happen... see this post...

dont wait get the dex...

Interesting read, thanks for the link!