Any news on smaller pods and the Dexcom integration?

I've been hearing of the smaller pods and Dexcom integration since I started on the omnipod over a year ago. Has anyone heard any new news for 2012?

I keep hearing too! The last I heard is sometime this year for the smaller pod and the integration is a ways off.

Will definitely not be 2012. Best case 2013.

Helmut, is that your opinion or something you read that we can reference?

Kevin, you can listen to the Insulet and Dexcom earnings calls. This is the basis for my guess. The integrated PDM will only work with the Dexcom Gen4 sensor. Dexcom has not yet filed an application with the FDA for the Gen4 sensor. Dexcom stated that if they would get the approval late 2012 they would not be compelled to launch the Gen4 sensor late 2012. They would rather launch in 2013. The FDA has asked Insulet not to submit the application for the integrated PDM until the Gen4 sensor is approved.

What I heard is late 2013 or mid 2014.

ugghhhh i thought i had heard june sited here before! everytime we get a new box i tell my son, the next one.....

An Insulet employee told me a few weeks ago (in confidence, off the record) that the smaller pods are "almost" ready, that they will not have integrated CGM this year, but (this surprised me) there will be a new PDM along with the new pods.

I don't believe Insulet anymore (well at least my rep down here in Southern CA), when I got on board over a year ago they told me they were within a month or 2 of Dexcom integration. They've had the smaller pods for quit some time but they haven't been FDA approved yet.

When I started OmniPod therapy in the summer of 2009, I was assured that the smaller Pods and Dexcom integration were "just around the corner." I thought that meant that the horse was racing toward the home stretch, and both would be available by the end of 2009. Instead, we are still riding on the back of a fat, drowsy turtle.

Insulet has never made a profitable year and the new omnipods cost insulet 30% less.
That's why they just want to go to market as soon as they can, without dexcom integration and without lifescan strips.
A new PDM is required because they extended the range of communication and, I think, they put in the hardware for future dexcom integration without the need to change manifacturing lines (but PDM software will change of course).
The last "official" news is a market audition where they state that if FDA approves the new pods within june (they think/hope so) they want to substitute all PDM in the USA in 2012 and sell new pods.
This year they will have 3 lines of production for new pods, one is already manifacturing them to pile up stock and prepare for a first half launch in Europe.
They need it, if approved they'll try to be quick.