Omnipod - Two Questions

Women - What is your favorite site for placement?

All - Have you ever had trouble with the adhesive (I have very fair, thin skin)?


My favorite place is my right arm, otherwise lower back, it seems to bother my stomach more ( bruising ).

At first I had no problem with the adhesive when I started in the cooler months of September, now that summer has rolled around its hard to get it stuck and stay stuck, so I have been using a product called skin tac by the bottle dont like the wipes they tend to get all over my fingers which protects the skin and helps keep the pod stuck. Its a little more difficult to remove but rubbing alcohol help and they also sell skin tac remover wipes

good luck

Thanks, Linzie!

Just wondering - how do you do that on your lower back? Don’t you have to “see” it, esp. if something goes wrong? (I can’t twist that far - I’m over twice your age :slight_smile:

Regarding your right arm - where on your arm - and, are you left or right handed?


You are supposed to be able to see it if you put it on the lower side of your back with the window facing slightly up

you should be able to glance there, I usually wear it however, or have my boyfriend make sure the cannual is in there… or if I have unexplain highs for any reason I change it. Never happened though… I just took this picture of mine on my arm

I am right handed and I do prefer it on my right arm… it sucks for me sleeping when I have it on my left arm…sleeping with it on the right arm wouldnt know it was there…

i use my lower back and left arm the most. i have not had any problems w. sticking, though it’s just become summer here. it will be my 1st summer with the pod; so i’ll have to see how it goes!

Thanks, Linzie - the visuals help! I guess I’m worried most about sleep and where I would put it. I sleep on my side, leaning toward my stomach, with my arm raised and under my pillow. My free arm clutches a pillow to my chest (I know, weird, huh?) And I alternate through the night on both sides.

Hey Linzie with the skin tac do you apply and let dry or put the pod on while skin tac is still wet? I don’t have a clue on some of these tips…rubbing alcohol will help remove tackiness(is that a word)…tell me more!

let it dry for like 1 min so it becomes tacky

Here is south mississippi it just hit temperatures over 100 this week—still no problems with it sticking. And no irritation either----but nothing bothers me.

You all are funny! Linzie, I’m with you. Right arm is a favorite. Same placement as your pic but I’ll change it up sometimes and reverse it (cannula down) I also really love wearing it on my side. One of the technical reps at Insulet recommended it to me. It’s his favorite site. Best to place it more horizonally so you can do your side bends each morning! lol. Lately, I’ve been trying it on my back (right side, love “why-do-they-call-it-that?” handle area) I don’t see it when I look in the mirror. I seem to have great absorption in all three of those areas. I wore it on my stomach all the time at the beginning. I just like the other areas better. Maybe because my loose skin and stretch marks don’t need anymore attention brought to them!

Cheri, your description sounds all too familiar! My nickname in high school was Albie. That’s short for Albino. Due to a volleyball injury on my right shoulder , I sleep on my left side & (occasionally) will turn on my back. Pillow under head - with my arm under it and over my head, one between knees, one under right shoulder so that if I end up on my back during the night my injured shoulder doesn’t drop flat, and one to hug and keep my dachshund happy! Talk about high maintenance! (Always have to ask for more pillows when I travel!) Even with all my “issues”, I don’t notice my pod when I sleep. When it’s on my back and I lay on my back, I do not ever wake up because of it.

Thanks, Linda! You cracked me up - yeah, I could be called Albie, too!
Thanks to everyone. After meeting with both reps and talking to folks who use both, I have settled on the Animas.
Looking forward to my “new life.”

My favorite spots are stomach area and high area of butt. Tried the back but was uncomfortable

The IV-Preps swabs are the best!
There is also UNI-SOLVE adhesive remover, which I use on the rare occasion the pump needs to be removed before the days are up
My local pharmacy carries now for $14/box 50
No other products are needed with use

Just some general questions. I roll and thrash around quite a bit when I sleep. I don’t think there is a single placement spot on my body that doesn’t get slept on at some point.

Is it ok to sleep with your full weight on the Omnipod as long as it doesn’t come loose?

Does it have to be an area with a lot of “cushion”? I have extremely lean arms and legs.

Also, where to do you keep the PDA while you are sleeping?

I also have very thin,fair skin. It was itching like crazy under the pod
and my nurse ed/doc prescribed tegaderm film. It's a plastic bandage I put down first. Took care of the itching problem. ONly issue I have seen with it is that it is not as watertight...after a few days of swimming on vacation it started to lift up and I had to tape the pod down.For someone who swims a lot this would be a problem. Also, my diabetes nurse educator suggested spreading the spot with deodorant first to keep down the itching. Haven't tried it, but I was interested in this idea.

I realize I am commenting on a very old post, but thought these were ideas others might find useful.

Wet blanket here. I tried 2 sample pods, one on the back of my arm and one on my hip. The arm one hurt like h*** and left bruises when I literally pried it off, and the one on my hip was uncomfortable when I slept. I've never had problems with sets on tubed pumps, and never any sleeping discomfort, either. So I've crossed the Omnipod off my list of possibilities come time to buy a new pump.

This is one of those things that like so many others with diabetes...trial and error and personal experience.

It's so different for each person. I've been podding for about 5 months now and my favorite spots are my hips, sides, and the tops of my thighs. I've learned over time where to place them so I don't notice them, even when sleeping. I have very fair skin and have not had a problem with bruising. I find the automatic insertion process to be painless. I also haven't had any problems with the adhesive.

I think it takes a while to experiment and find your personal sweet spots. For me, it's still better than the idea of sleeping with tubing and a pump. My OmniPod PDM stays on my dining room table while I sleep in my bedroom.

I've tried it on my stomach, hips, legs, arms but have ended up with always my stomach. They get knocked off on my arms plus at least during the summer, I don't like them front and center in sleeveless tops. On my thighs I tend to get high BS readings and occlusions. My second choice is my hip but if it's place not quite right, when I sleep on that side, it can be uncomfortable. I really like my stomach, just under my belt line, it's hidden and I've never had an issue with occlusions and it's protected from being knocked off. They stick like glue and I've never had issues with them coming off.