Pain and discomfort at Pod location

I have had T1 for 42 years and been a pump user for 20+ of that time. I switched to the OmniPod from a Medtronic pump about 2 months ago. The size of the Pod put me off at first but I was assured by fellow users that I would become accustom to it. I am thin but talked with several athletes that have less body fat than me. Sometimes I can feel the cannula sticking me like it is touching a nerve or something. Other times it sort of aches and is uncomfortable to sit or sleep when on my hips and arms because of the hard Pod. Other times it doesn't bother me at all. I don't like having to replace a full Pod right after changing due to this. I do have neuropathy so my nerves can be sensitive. I would be disappointed to have this cause me to go back to Medtronic but it is happening often. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Jattzl - I have only been T1 for 18 years - took on the OmniPod about 2 years ago now. So I wasnt pumping before hand - I used pens. But in terms of pod pain, i do get a few and change asap - I do not "stick with it" - it has been great for me but it needs to be helped to work. For example I cycle alot and use a CGM, both on one arm most of the time. the reason is so that I sleep on the otherside, I dont use flanks or legs. I guess this isnt much help - only to say that every change takes a bit of trial and error.

Good luck.

Thank you Gos, it is helpful. I guess it's like everything else with D - trial and error. So far, I am sticking with it.

Just a thought - have you tried using "Tubigrib" around one on the arm. Not tight but just snug. It stops me catch or moving it when exercising or sleeping. Not ideal for 24 hr use - but then I dont sleep oe exercise for 24 hrs !!

No, I have used been using the "bands4life" arm band pretty much all the time when it is on my arm. I helps and makes me feel more secure about knocking it off or rolling over at night. I will look into "Tubigrib",

Thanks again!

I wear the pod on my back and upper arm. On my arms, I do have the pain you mention sometimes. It is especially uncomfortable when I sleep. What I have found helps is if I sleep with extra pillows - the pod gets cushioned by the pillows better than my mattress and doesn't seem to push into the nerve as much. Another thing that helps somewhat is to really pinch up when I insert the cannula. I pinch and pull the skin away from the muscle. Good luck!

i've had a couple that really stung on insertion. Figured they just struck a nerve. The pain usually goes away after a few minutes to an hour or so. Beyond that, I've also had on occasion slight muscle pain after the 2nd day, very slight though. 90% of my pod wears are quite good. So I can't complain. It is interesting to hear that a tubed pump user doesn't have these problems. A friend who uses tube said she sometimes get the muscle pains though.

The pillow thing !! I didnt mention because it sounds odd - but yep .....its a great solution

Thank you, I have tried the pillow thing and it does help a little, still keeps me awake though. I pinch on insertion but will really pinch and lift. Hopefully that helps.

Thanks again!

I sometimes have pain at insertion, but I give it a little while to see if it gets better. About 1-2% of the time I end up changing a pod because of pain at the insertion point. If I change a pod on the first day, I withdraw the insulin from it and reuse it. After 24 hours, I just use new juice.