OmniPod you are killing me!

I made the mistake of changing the batteries on my PDM. Huge mistake.

PDM says time is wrong and must be updated. Walks me through time update and date update. Next screen, your pod must be deactivated. WTF. I just put the pod in yesterday. I sort of have things planned for the next 3-4 hours and one of them wasn't changing my pod.

Anyone who may be reading from a tubed system. Keep in mind when you jump on the pod bandwagon and something like this happens, it is all or nothing. At least tubed, if you have one, you can put another set on and connect to it. Sorry but my frustration with all the garbage with the new pods has today sent me over the edge. Yes, again, I know that I am me before I go to the home page. If this requirement was from the FDA, then I think the FDA sucks. You know, regardless I think the FDA sucks. Why hasn't the vibe been approved yet? You have had the app in from JNJ since April 2013. Do you have some deal with England that they have to have it 4 years longer than us or something? Ridiculous.

Sorry to all for the hysterics. None of the hassles. Yeah right Insulet.

At least you know you are being hysterical. You shouldn’t need to change the pod for a battery change. I am fairly new to all of this as a LADA age 48 and I’ve only used Omnipod (w/Dex4)since Dx June 2013. Both are great. I can’t imagine wanting a tubed pump so no interest in the Vibe or the inferior Medtronic CGM.

i would never get OMNIPOD.
i love my MINIMED PUMP.

Wow, I would have thought the battery issue would have been fixed in the 2nd gen pod. My blood pressure goes up just imagining using Omnipod! No question the FDA sucks. The PDM splash page should just be an option for people who have multiple podders in the same household. FDA delays are excessive and their tone-deaf "safety" requirements often do not follow common sense. The Tslim has multiple excessive and unnecessary "safety" steps. Roche's Combo pump has effectively added another step to its bolus process, presumably due to FDA "concerns." I assume the required clinical trials (even for minor updates) are one reason why pumps/CGM cost so much even with insurance coverage. There's gotta be a better trade-off between public safety and common sense. Maybe the European CE Mark doesn't go far enough but for sure the FDA goes too far.

I almost decided to get the Pod in 2011; glad I changed my mind. Sticking with the ping for now.

I feel your pain David, and have had that exact same thing happen to me when I changed the batteries in the PDM. Here is my answer to the confirm your name screen. ![|373x480](upload://drpSW0eCeTSByVjxsCkDWxDRCRL.jpeg)

The way I look at it I might as well have some fun with it. It's not like I can change it, so why not make myself smile. I did have some problems earlier this year with a slew of pod errors, but that has stopped and the last 7 pods in a row have all been good for 80 hours. Europe always gets things before we do, including stuff like thalidomide.

RLJ--I hear you. The idea of going back to tubed system irks me. On the other hand, will be difficult call when T-Slim has a unit on the market that will deliver both insulin one side and glucagon on the other. I would go back to tubed for that.

Meanwhile, I will continue with my non warrantied Omnipod until either something better comes, or I realize I am not going back to tubed and I will just shut up and re up and keep my complaining to myself. :) Be safe everybody.

Complain as loudly as you like. There is always somebody listening. While none of us can change the FDA rules or make you not have to change a pod with a battery change, at least we can commiserate.

I’m a newbie and have only used omnipod, but I’ve been impressed with it and am thankful for the tubeless option. I’m sure minimed and others are pretty bullet proof where failures are part of the bargain for going tubeless. I find the pods easy enough to change with good placement options and adhesion. I’ve had 4 failures in 8 months-3 pods and one unexpected controller reset that deactivated the pod and wiped info. That’s within my tolerance for the benefits.The battery problem you had shouldn’t happen so hopefully a 1 time deal for you. Good luck with it.