From Pod to Ping, Anyone?

Okay folks, I took the plunge and I’m trying out the Omni Pod. I’m not sure I really like the thing and am considering going back to a tubed pump. Have any of you made this same move or would it be like taking a step backwards? Tubeless is a plus but having to carry everything else is like hauling a carry-on ( tiny exageration)compared to something that fits in my pocket. I’m just curious how you feel if you have gone back to tubed pumping (or not).
So far I have gotten 3 days out of just one pod (1 didn’t have enough insulin, 1 pulled off when I bumped it) and having to remember the PDM and case (roughly 4x6 in size) seems to be something else to think about before I leave the house. Anything you might add, pro or con, would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!


I’m guessing you don’t carry a purse? My take on going from tubed to tubeless was that it allowed me to wear all the clothing I wanted, and it was waterproof. Granted, I could hide a newborn baby in my purse so Insulet could have given us a laptop-sized PDA and it wouldn’t have mattered to me.

You know what it’s like on a tubed pump (right? I’m remembering your post from the Omnipod group correctly?), so you know the difference now. It just seems like you’re not giving the Omnipod much of a chance if you’re only on your 3rd pump. And honestly, the two that didn’t make it 3 days are really your fault (as in Omnipod wouldn’t replace them), so maybe you just need a little more time? Or maybe you could go ahead and return it for a refund before the 90-day (45-day?) return period is over.

Oh, I know the 2 pods were my fault but I never ran into a wall with an infusion set. I know it is early for me to decide but after finding my insurance company had charged me $134 for test strips because they weren’t “preferred” was kind of another con on my list of likes and dislikes. Also, have you noticed if the syringes are accurate when filling the pods? Or do we have to add in an extra amount for priming as you do with a tubed pump?

You don’t have to use the meter that came with the Pod in the PDM. I understand you can use another meter and input the numebrs. Many people do this.

Whenever I picture podding, I imagine I would not carry the PDM and would park it somewhere same as I do now with my bg meter.

Are the ergonomics and menu navigation of the large screen an advantage to you vs Ping?

If you return Omnipod, be sure to request your refund by the 45th day from the day it shipped from Insulet.

Thank you, Don! And no, the Ping would be fine as far as me seeing it. They actually list a lot of stuff on the PDM so the print is probably the same. It’s definitely different from what I’m used to and maybe that’s my problem. One thing is for sure, I carry more stuff to go grocery shopping now than I ever did wearing a pump. And yes, if you leave your PDM in a different area of the house you invariably need it for corrections or alarms.

Thank you, Jennifer! I could and do use my One Touch with the Pod. BUT if i were to go solely with OTouch then I’d have one more thing to carry when leaving the house. Honestly, I’m just tossing around ideas since my MM warranty runs out in a few days and I paid for the Pod out of pocket. It’s just something I have to be comfortable with. But thanks for your input!

are you aware of the freestyle promise program?

They help cover the cost of the test strips and it’s really easy to use!

I don’t think it’s a step backwards to go back to a tubed pump! I love my omnipod, but I know it is not for everyone. If it doesn’t work for you, find another method that does. No harm, no foul :slight_smile:

On the other side, it did take me a good 2 weeks to get the hang of the omnipod. There were definitely days that I was not confident of my decision. I can imagine that it is harder when you know what a tubed pump is like. Good luck with your decision!

thanks Kate! I signed up right from the get-go but have not had any communications from them. I will hit the site again later today.

Thanks again, Kate! I do have to give it more time before deciding. I also need to find a site that doesn’t get bumped a lot (arms are not one of them). I have 3+ months of supplies left so maybe by then I’ll have a different opinion.

the most bump-less spot for me is the flank/side/small of my back area. I point the canula away from my spine (or I get occlusions) and place the adhesive an inch or 2 or 3 above my waistband (so it doesn’t rub). I also really like the top of my butt (kind of where the top opening of my pants pocket is) but that is the spot that I rip off the most…usually when I am changing clothes and forget it is there!

I concur. The only time I’ve had pods start the death whine early are when they were on my arms and I knocked them against a doorjamb. The “love handle” area is my favorite pod spot. It just seems to never be it the way there.

I don’t know about the priming thing - I use less than the minimum amount of insulin in 3 days, so I always just fill to the minimum and don’t worry about it.

Seems like everything I get from the pharmacy is “not preferred” by my insurance company. I think they “prefer” that they not cover anything at a reasonable cost.

Love handles it is!! When I change later today I will try that out. I too, thought about different areas of my bee-hind but figured that’d be a lost cause (pod) because of slipping clothes on and off. It will be a trial and error thing for a while, I’m sure. But at least I have you all giving me assistance. Thank you! ;o)