I’m seeking input about the omnipod system, I currently have a Minimed paradigm 722 and HATE it, it hurts and comes out really easily and is just fussy in general. I have been doing research on the omnipod system and am wondering how easy it is to use, how much it hurts, how much it costs etc…

I am worried my insurance won’t pay for another one, because I have only had my 722 for 18 months…


I have been researching different “pods” including some slated to come out in the next year or so. But back to your 722… have you tried different infusion sets? Going from quicksets to silhouettes made huge difference for me. But back to pods. I remembering contacting the omnipod folks and I was sent a dummy that I could wear and lots of info. Hope that helps.

hey rachemoon2909-

i was at the same position as you are, i came to a point where i already called Insulet and have them check with my insurance and see if theyll cover it… but i dunno what happened, something like my insurance wont cover much coz Insulet is in MA and my insurance is Anthem Blue Cross of CA, something like out of state, i dunno… but anyways, glad it didnt work out too coz ive heard a lot about the pods, several people if not all are like allergic to the cannulas, or the adhesives, also, ive read someone was having problem with it after days of wearing coz it started to like come off, and cannula was dislodge and the person was running 400s BG… but on the other hand, ive also heard new pods are suppose to come out mid to end of this year, smaller pods is what they said, and i think Insulet is working on having the CGM integration too… so i dunno… my MM 522 is still on warranty til 2012, and im also thinking of upgrading to the new Revel pump… its really confusing, but i know i have to give it a lot of thinking before deciding… have you heard of the “solo” by medingo…? www.solo4you, just in case… its pretty neat too…

so give it some more thinkin’, try to read the previous posts here from people on the pods, im sure that will help you decide…

good luck and let us know what you came up with…

take care

I’m hoping to start the omnipod here soon, i tried a tester pod and even got to feel the prick of the insertation of the cannula. Didn’t hurt at all. I’m sold on the fact that it’s pumpless and so tiny!

you must be thrilled to get started… :stuck_out_tongue: i think ill just wait on what they come up with this year…i so want a tubing-free pump…so bad… seriously…!

Watch where you put it though Domo! I used to use OmniPod and I put one on my back to the side and WHOA! did that sucker hurt. I felt that one for sure. But truthfully- the majority never hurt, I just have anxiety and I could hear the stupid clicking before it “sprung” and that made me tense up. I’m a sissy though, so you may have MUCH better luck.

What are your using with the 722?

And, could you clarify what ‘comes out easily’ ‘fussy’ means for you? And, when does it hurt? When inserting the introducer needle or after insertion and when wearing the infusion set?

We might be able to get the 722 working for you much better in the mean time.

I switched from the Minimed Paradigm to OmniPod over two years ago, and have never regretted it! Like anything else, sometimes there is a bad Pod, but the ease of using the system is well worth it, and none of that tubing! You can change the Pod in a matter of minutes, and with less fuss. Usually the insertion is nothing more than like a finger stick. I am lucky, my insurance coveres it. I have been very happy using this system!

Just to clarify - I don’t think many people have had the allergies you described. I have only heard of a few cases where the adhesive or cannula caused a reaction in someone (you wrote that some people if not all are allergic).

As for having problems after days of wearing it - you’re only supposed to wear it for 72 hours (80 MAX), so it’s not supposed to stay “stuck” longer than that.

It is misleading to read the posts from this board because we often come here to vent frustration or ask questions about specific issues. I’ve been using the Omnipod system for several months, and I’ve had nothing but positive experiences. I’ve blogged about my experiences with different insulin pumps here, here, and here.

In the time I’ve been using the Pod, I’ve had one occlusion, which occurred on Day 3, no dislodged Pods, and not a single priming error. Also, I have had none of the PDM issues reported by others.

I absolutely love the Pod and can’t imagine going back to a tubed pump!

I feel the same way about my pod. I was on the cozmo pump. I switched insurances and knowing my pump company discontinued manufacturing it, I was due to switch. I was nervous about the pod. With the cozmo I had a lot of occlusions, a lot of sites that were bad from the start somehow, etc. I never had “good” numbers, partly because of these issues. with the pod (ive been using for a month today) I had 2 “issues”- 1. one site I tried putting in an area where there is little fat (too high up on the arm/almost shoulder area) but that was a human error, and 2. I threw a box of granola bars out the car window at a bum (I go to school in Detroit and when I get off the freeway theres this homeless man with a sign asking for food because he’s hungry so I give him a box of granola bars when I can) and in the process I pulled my arm in and scraped it against the car door, ripping it off. Once again, human error.

as for control… Im projecting an A1c improvement from 7.9@ end of Feb. to somewhere around 6.0-6.7 next week when I go for my check up… That says a lot right there!

I have never worn the 722, and am sorry you are having issues with it. I’ve had the Omnipod for a year now (maybe even down to the day) and absolutely love it. As with any equipment in life, there have been just a few hiccups, and of course getting used to it and how my body reacts, which sites are best etc. I now know where on my body it will hurt, and use sites where literally I can’t even feel it! I was totally against tubes, so it’s been great for me. As for the adhesive, I’ve had no issues with it coming off–after my three days it’s still really stuck to me. I prep with alcohol prior to applying. Of course when I first started using it, I had to get used to the adhesive, but no allergic reaction (bandaids and medical tape literally burn and scar my skin) I wear it in all sorts of situations–skiing, hiking, a long humid beach vacation, and so far so good. Best of luck if you decide to pursue! Hope this is helpful.

I use Quickset Sites and Humalog Insulin.

I am very active and workout several times a day and it seems like my site was always falling out, if it wasn’t falling out it was infected even after two days. I have had two mersa staph infections with it, and now I can only use the right side of my belly for sites because I have yucky scar tissue that messes with insertion and abosorbtion. It hurts when I put it, when I bolus, anytime its bumped and taking it out.