I am so excited. Today I go for my trial for an Omnipod to see if I like it! I hope I really do. it seems like it would be much more convenient for my lifestyle. What does everyone think? Do the advantages of having a tubeless pump outweigh all of the disadvantages of the omnipod?

I can’t comment too much about the Omnipod itself, but congratulations on finally getting on a pump! I use the Ping myself and wouldn’t go back to MDI if I had the choice.

But just to defend a tethered pump - its really not as bad as people sometimes make it out to be. It only takes a few days to a week to get used to it and then you forget you’re even wearing it most of the time. :wink:


I can’t comment too much on the disadvantages because, honestly, my Omnipod has been a breeze so far (knock on wood). I do understand what the issues are and I did experience a few of them at the beginning, but not recently. The ongoing issue still bugging me is the occasional pump change high BG response. From what I understand, though, that’s not exclusive to the Omnipod and the same thing can happen with infusion set changes.

I’m an Omnipod user and you might want to check out the discussions on the Omnipod Group in regards to pod failures and frustrations. I love my pod but some days I’d like to run it over with my car ;o(.