OmniPods on the way

I just placed my first order for the OmniPod, and my diabetic professional is scheduling a training session with the area rep. I’ve been on once-a-day injections for about a year. I was taking Prandin at meals, but I maxed out on them and now take Novolog. I use Levimir at night. Four shots a day is just too much, so I’m looking forward to the Pod. I’m a little concerned about reports I have been reading regarding the cannula coming out. I play basketball once or twice a week and am concerned about the Pod getting bumped and becoming dislodged. Is this common or fairly rare?

I use skin prep prior to putting on the Pod. Sometimes if the Pod is on my arm and I am doing a sport where it could get knocked hard enough to dislodge I put a piece of tape over the top portion of the pump to hold it securely in place. The Skin prep will be very beneficial if you sweat heavily. Doing this I really never have a problem with the canula coming out. When I have had some problems it has been on insertion.


OK, so I went live with insulin on March 13 after a day of messing around with a saline-filled pod. So far, it’s great! My readings are generally within or not far from my goal of 100-120. I love being able to bolus at the dinner table or in a restaurant. I am also using much less insulin. I was using 45 units of Levimir and around 12-15 units of Novolog at meals, for a total of nearly 90 units per day. I am now averaging less than 60 units per day with better control. I have had one occlusion, which didn’t surprise me because I noticed some blood around the site on Day 2 of that pod. No big deal to run home and change the pod (I was actually at a friend’s house at the beach, just a couple of blocks from my house). I’ll be playing some basketball tomorrow night, so we’ll see how that goes. One good thing is that my insurance pays 90%, so if I lose a pod, it’s only $3.50. I can handle that.


Glad that everything is going well with your Pods. I love mine much more than m old pump. You have a great attitude about things.


Jim - I hope I am not too late with this reply - I have been using the Omnipod for nearly a year - I am an active 61 year old - maybe not quite as active as you - but I bike, swim - and, FYI I toss and turn a lot while sleeping - and have even engaged in some sexual activities now and then - and I haven’t had any issues with the Omnipod at all - it has survived all of the rigors it has been subjected to. Probably some of those rigors are harder on me than the Pod. Another FYI - if you have started using the Pod then you’ll understand this - I was injecting 5 to 8 times a day for many years - no injections for the last 10 months has been an incredibly freeing experience - quality of life without injecting is liberating. And my A1c has gone from a consitent 9 to a very consistent 6.6 with the Omnipod system. I hope you enjoy your basketball and don’t have problems with the Pod - I think it will be okay…!

Well, unfortunately the basektball didn’t work out. Even with a shirt on, the pod was knocked askew after about 10-15 minutes. No real problem because I was due for a change anyway. I just suspended delivery and took it off, putting a new one on after I got home and showered. Guess I’ll just have to time my changes to correspond to basketball night.

That’s another good point - I do try to schedule my pod changes around my activities - nothing worse than a warning beep at 3 a.m. or during a sales meeting when the company president is giving a lecture…

Hi Jim,
I too wear the Omni Pod pump for 16 months now. I see that your Pod was knocked off during a basketball game. I don’t know if this would help you out but I pretty much wear my Pod on my underside of my arm. What I have done to keep it on while I am swimming, diving, etc, is I have bought a small knee neoprene support which I use to cover the Pod when diving into the water. It works quite well for me. I have not pulled off a pod since wearing it for active sports. I just thought I would mention that to you! Take care and stay active! 

Good idea, Linda. I have thought about trying a site on my inner thigh. I could try some of those tight-fitting shorts you see players wearing underneath their regular shorts for extra protection. The problem with basketball is that it’s such a physical game. You’re always getting swiped at or bumped. The good thing is that with my copay, a pod is only $3.50, so it’s not that big a deal to lose one. I’ve never tried to recover insulin from a pod, but I hear it’s possible.


I am active in sports also and usually wear the Pod on my upper arms. I find that if I place a piece of Hypafix tape over the front half of the Pod it can take a pretty good knock.


Yes Jim,
You can recover insulin from a Pod. However, I only use that method when a new Pod has failed (within an hour or so) and has not been on for very long or if it has alarmed during the priming process!
You also have pretty good coverage with your insurance, that is great!

Thanks Steve,
I will look for the Hypafix tape for a few other activities that I do! Sometimes I don’t want the blue neoprene support cuff on because it can be warm on my arm. It is not noticable in the water, but in some other activities I do it is very warm to wear. Thanks!

Linda - That neoprene thing does work well protecting the Pod from physical activity - someone gave one to me… I don’t remember what they are called or what type of store it came from.


Jim, let me know your latest thoughts on wearing the pod while playing basketball. I started using the omnipod this past weekend with a stomach infusion site, and today I moved to a inner thigh infusion site which I think will be good for bball (with some spandex shorts over the top). My problem is that the inner thigh infusion site has bad absorption so far, so I’d like to stick with the stomach/handles for infusion but am worried that won’t work with bball. Have you found a site that works for you and bball?

Evan, the inner thigh is definitely the best spot for basketball – or at least better than the abdomen, which is the only other location that I have used. I have had no trouble with that spot playing ball, although I have had some pod failures due to static electricity, which I think is caused by the lining of some of my dress pants. The only time I played basketball with a pod on my abdomen, it was quickly dislodged. I haven’t noticed any absorption issues on my thighs. Good luck!