On being a Prepper vs a Survivalist

Ok this may be a bit on the morbid side, but sometimes the truth isn't to pretty. I have a few friends that are of the Survivalist mentality. Lots of guns, food stashed for and extended amount of time, some with a decent amount of precious metals stored etc. None thankfully are doomsday prophets or race war nuts. Most are Do It Yourself type people which crosses into the idea of living simple and green that I do admire. I have been asked before about why I do not get gun-ho about Survivalism. I have a few answers for this, mostly that in a full societal break down (Zombie Apocalypse, Nuke War, Full collapse of society) after making sure my family is as safe and protected as could be I would become a liability, Food and resources that could benefit others would be wasted on me until my supply of insulin ran out, it would be a better use of goods for me to go off on my own take a massive dose of Insulin, maybe a few pills and a bottle and just go to sleep.Yes I know a dull collapse will most likely never happen, Which is the reason I lean towards being a Prepper.

Whats a Prepper you may ask, its what the Survivalist types call call the disaster preparers that look more at natural disasters or a short break down of society(Hurricanes, Earthquakes etc). Much more likely and as a T-1 something I could last through. Some of my supplies are low at the moment but I keep (Ideally) 3 months supply of insulin, always have a vial of each type I use on me, a large supply of needles, I also know how to clean my needles as well as keeping a marker in my bag to label the one I use for Lantus if I run short on syringes, Food at the moment I have maybe a months supply of can goods and a week's worth of MREs, I would rather have 3 months of each, but do know how to fish/hunt and do grow and raise some of my own food.(Veggie garden and chickens). I know how to make my own soap,beer and bread I also know how but have not tried distilling. Guns I have yet to purchase one but do know how to use one.

I still, also think some of the Survivalist things are odd. The buying up of gold doesn't make sense, in a collapse it would make more sense to have a stockpile of medicine, bullets durable goods and clothing for trade. Because when you think of it gold may be pretty but in the long run what is it really good for, it won't feed,heal or protect you. But the whole off the grid self sufficient back to the land thinking does greatly appeal to me, just not the paranoid mind set that goes with some of it.

I may be rambling but, my wife has warmed to the idea of having a food stash recently and we got talking tonight. She seemed quite saddened by the fact that I view myself as a liability and drain in the full collapse scenario.

I’m also saddened that you see yourself as a liability.

Having grown up in the Cold War era with duck & cover (ha!), air raid drills in elementary school & knowing where the fallout shelters were in the event Russia bombed the US, I asked my husband what we’d do during a nuclear attack. His answer was that he’d carry me into the middle of it & we’d die together quickly. I agreed because neither of us want to live in a ravaged world where we’d need guns for safety to survive with tooth & nail competition with fellow humans. Guess that makes me a non-survivalist. I should get cracking with laying in a better supply of water, food, meds & supplies.

I think the true survivalists are living in a fantasy world. As you say its do it yourself run a muck. In a true long term anarchy situation , I suspect me armed with my hunting rifle, would quickly be out gunned.

But a temporary breakdown is certainly possible, who would have predicted Katrina? So as a person dependent on medication I think you are being merely prudent. After Katrina and 911 it’s pretty easy to think of situations where you would be on your own for an extended period of time. A little advance planning could mean the difference between life and death.

I thought it the most romantic statement.

Badmoon I am a firm believer the survivalism is a rich mans fantasy. I spent a short time homeless and traveling and doubt any of the militia types could last awhile living on the street in a urban setting.

Gerri I only view myself as a liability in the worst case scenario.

During the run up to the year 2000 a very wealthy man moved to our area and started preparing for the collapse of society. He built an underground bunker like house and cleared all the trees around it so he had a clear field of fire. He had water and food for several years stored in his fortress.

All these feverish preparations (he got a late start) had a very positive effect on the incomes of local tradesman and laborers, who were only too happy to take his money. Oh well at least underground houses are very energy efficient, and who knows maybe he’ll have the last laugh.

Gerry and Judith your romantic fantasy does have a certain appeal, it sure beats a bunch of guy’s running around the woods dressed in camo and armed to the teeth. That one has always struck me as pretty silly plus, as Jim says, it can get expensive very quickly. Yours is cheaper and more romantic to boot.