On D-Blog day, a tip of the hat to the Diabetes OC

I got diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in late June this year. Since then I’ve learnt about the disease more from the online community than the medical professionals who consult on my condition. Sipping from the firehose, I’ve learnt the nuances of the disease, the technologies that can help monitor and manage the disease, and the encouragement and creativity of the online D community. A special thanks to Bernard Farrell, who pointed me to this community, and also introduced me to the world of CGMS. And a big tip of the hat to all the folks participating in the Diabetes365 project, a visual story documenting the lives of diabetics. And thanks to Allison Blass, Kerri Morrone, Beth Sobel, Robert Rummel-Hudson, Jenny Ruhl, Manny Hernandez, David Mendosa and Amy Tenderich for writing, sharing, educating and spreading the word about Diabetes online.

You’re welcome! And thanks for being a part of this great community. :slight_smile:

A community is only as strong as its members. So we must be a pretty strong community. :slight_smile:

Thanks fo being such a integral member of this crew.