On eczema- but All Health

I had to post a link to this site full of success and information, not only for eczema sufferers, but for all people dealing with health problems.

There are numerous subsections dealing with other people that the writer is helping (after curing himself of horrible eczema) and intelligent posts about things like anger that affect our well being. Also included are gross pictures of expelled liver stones/rocks/blockages (whatever you want to call them). This one has been cut in half for you to look in amazement.

I was diagnosed with eczema (dermatitis) last year. I started with itchy hands and feet then in a couple of months I started getting scabs and due to the dry skin I stared getting severe cuts on the bottom of my feet and hands. My doctor took me off of work and started steroid creams, I still to this day have not seen any improvement. I recently went to a specialist and he took samples of my skin for a biopsy, he said I have eczema. I have read up on lots of ways to treat it, and spoke to many doctors about treatment. The specialist told me I have to figure out what is causing my eczema. My life style has been the same, the only thing that has changed is how I stress out due to a 26 year old son who uses drugs and gives me lots to worry about. Does anyone think it might be the cause of my outbreak, If there anyone that has the same problem lets share notes, I might have to ask my son to leave my home.