Skin Problems on my Stomach - Anyone know what's up?

Hey Everyone,

Hope all is well. So, I’ve had these bumps on my stomach for a long time now. I think perhaps they originated when my sugar first went out of control, long before I went into DKA and was diagnosed. My sugar went pretty high today, and i noticed a large (new) one filled with disgusting white pus. I was wondering if anyone knew of anything caused by diabetes or rather high sugar, or had similar problems. Please let me know! Thanks!

Does it appears on the place where you toke a shot?

Oh Whitley! I have no clue what it could be, but whatever it is, I hope you get it figured out!

It could be a boil… which is kind of like a very large zit. It’s basically an infected hair follicle (a zit is an infected pore)… and something that can (and does) happen to anyone. If you get them often, it can be a form of cystic acne… and yes, you can have acne on parts of your body other than your face (unfortunately).

skin infections are part of the package deal, especially when your sugar isn’t the best and especially when you least expect them. (this is based on me, i’m prone to skin infections :frowning:

Yeah, I’ve had a few of these on my thigh (over the past 11 years) They hurt! I went to a dermatologist and he said it’s a skin infection caused by high BG- something about the blood being acidic and the body’s reaction is to try to push the infection out thru these boils.

Yes, they’re disgusting and they hurt! I don’t have any other skin problems, so these are especially gross to me. :slight_smile: haha. good thing my fiance loves me!

My dermatologist said to soak in as hot water as you can, and it’ll drain on its own.
Don’t worry. Skin infections are normal in diabetics.

agreed but i wonder when you should treat it with antibiotics. My rule of thumb, after reading all the wonderful versions of skin infections from mrsa to a ingrown hair, if it doesn’t get better with compressed washcloth with hot/warm water and it doesn’t drain then go to the doc after about a week or two.