On Monday the 22nd of October


I'm soo excited.... My hubby told me that He's going to buy me the DexCom 7 for my Birthday... So I'm ordering it on Monday so it will be here on Friday... my birthday.... I have been walking my dogs 10 days out of this month and I lost 4 pounds... It's been hard because my legs hurt when I walk but I got some BioFreeze and rub it on my legs, stretch for 15 min then walk... They don't hurt as bad as they did when I didn't put Biofreeze on my legs.... I have been checking my BG alot cause of exercising. I test 8x but now I test 10 or more x..... My fingers are looking like a pin cushion..... I can't test on my arms for some reason...... I'll blog some more later but now I have to go back to work! :} :} :}