I just found out that my dexcom 7 will be here this friday! Woohoo! I am excited to see if this helps with the nighttime lows and exercise lows. It would be nice to cut down on the stuff I have to take on my walks.

I have been walking for ove ra month now and am amazed by how much it is helping my numbers. I know I am not the number but I certainly feel as if I have been a "better" pwd since the exercise.

Congratulations I just received dexcom 7+ last Friday. Things have been much smoother (though far from perfect) than before.
I also feel less “graded” about each individual number because there’s so many of them…and then even for testing it’s more like I’m testing the dexcom (how close are they are) rather than how well have I done which has helped to make the idea of “it’s just a number” more believable :slight_smile: Hope you have a good experience as well.

Thanks for the encouragement Xanthasun.