On my profile it has a mistake. I can't seem to change it

Hello: I’m new. Just set up my profile, and it has a mistake on it. It says I was diagnosed with diabetes on Feb. 23, 1943. (THIS IS WRONG, I WAS BORN ON FEB. 23, 1943. I Can’t seem to get that changed. Can somebody tell me how do do that. Thank You brucemcclintock@yahoo.com

Hi Bruce! Welcome to TuDiabetes!

From any TuDiabetes page, click on the link “Settings”, which is in the right hand side column underneath your name (there are four links for your account there: Inbox, Alerts, Friends, Settings).

Once you click on Settings, you can scroll down and edit any of the profile questions. When you are done making changes scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “Save”.

That should fix it! If you have any problems, let me know.


  • TuDiabetes Admin