TuDiabetes and Twitter integrated!

How to update your Twitter status from your TuDiabetes profile page
If you have a Twitter account, you can now update your Twitter status directly from the convenience of your profile page on TuDiabetes. Here is how!

At the top of your profile page, where you enter your status, click on the little checkbox next to the Twitter logo, as shown:

The first time you check this box, you’ll be asked to authenticate with Twitter. And after that, you can always change your settings by clicking on Settings > My Page.

After you authenticate with Twitter, you can start enjoying the convenience of posting your updates to Twitter directly from your profile page.

Sharing content from TuDiabetes on Twitter
Also, you may have noticed, now you can easily share any page on the site (forum topics, videos, photos, etc. ) If you click on the little Twitter logo beneath any content on the site, a little box will open up as shown, including the title of the page you’re currently on as well as a shortened URL linking back to the page.

Now thats pretty cool Manny!

I know. I am very excited about this update!

LOL!! I had mixed feelings about the map. I will put it back in. Let’s see how we do with it.

There… It’s back on! :slight_smile:

I was just looking at the map too. Can we find out who is on at any given time?

Not at the present time… but it’s cool to see how widespread the network is, huh? 43 people online on a Sunday!

I assume it works in reverse over on Twitter I can post there and decide if I want it posted over on TU. I use Twitter at times for my Stock and Options trading with my trading partners but I dont want to inundate my TU profile page with my trading stuff. I will check that out over on my twitter account

Love the Twitter integration Manny! Now if only I used Twitter a little more… :wink:

If you used it more, you’d be online all the time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now, it only works one way: from TuDiabetes to Twitter. There may be an option to make it work both ways in the future, but not yet, Pauly!

Due to privacy concerns expressed by some members, we’ve decided to eliminate the toolbar for the time being, while we research other alternatives: