On my way to losing...Again

I would like to lose a minimum of 50 pounds…I have been starting this fight for two years and keep losing but this time I am not going to let it win…lol…I need to lose weight, not because the doctor said so or society but because I said so. I do not feel pretty, I feel stuffed and out of place. Two years ago I gained all this weight when I started taking insulin and I just need it off already!!! I want to put on all my cute clothes that have been saving for when I lose the weight. Its just sad how they look so neglected. I want to also wear a bikini next summer and cross that off my bucket list…My goal is to lose at least 30 pounds by the end of the year. I do weigh myself but I usually determine my progress by the fit of my clothes, with water gain and fat/muscle weight its too hard to determine. Right now I have a pair of jeans I can put on just cant move which includes sitting and/or bending of any type. Those jeans are my first target goal…

I have the very same goal. I’ve gained at least 50lbs since being diagnosed and I’m so uncomfortable. How are you going to reach your goal? What are you going to do?

First I had to learn how to exercise while on insulin. My BG would drop too low after exercising and it would deter me from continuing, I hate lows. I tried everything. Recently I read where this fellow diabetic worked out with juice, I have stayed away from juice since diagnoses but I realized its perfect for working out…So I have athletic cousins whom I asked how I should start my workout regimen.

Alternating cardio, lower and upper body strength throughout the week is best way to lose and build muscle for at least 30mins

Eat smaller meals and more often, I hate eating all day but apparently that is how to boost metabolism

I am not an organized exerciser so I like to do it while watching tv or listening to music real loud it gets me pumped

Also if I feel like moving then Im going to move even if I already got my exercise in for the day

Eat more protein! I dont always eat protein everyday and its important when losing weight

Snack better, I love to snack and sometimes I can fall off the wagon hard so I have to watch that

Also I get depressed/ stressed and I am a emotional eater so I have to be mindfull of why I am hungry

I have a Jullian Michaels 30 day shred work out dvd, that I am going to do a couple times of week also on the days I do not freestyle it. Its 20mins but its a evil 20mins…lol

The area I gained the most is in my upper body so I am going to make sure I do core exercises everyday

I feel what you are going through. It is so difficult to lose weight w diabetes. I have always been a big girl so I have never had any thin clothes. I can’t wait to buy some though. 30 lbs sounds like a good goal to have. I am sure that you can do it. Sounds like you have a good plan in place. I am glad that you outlined everything because it reminded me to eat more protein and more often.

I have been using the eliptical machine at the gym 6 days a week. My husband calls me a gym rat and that is okay with me. I now realize that everything that goes in has to be burned off. Those cookies don’t look so good to me anymore. I save splurges for once in a while and when I know that I have the time to burn them off.

Once you start losing you will get even more motivated. I wish us the best of luck. Keep us posted!

Thanks Kathleen!

I have lost a few pounds so far, my clothes are a lil looser. I am excited…lol…I know what you mean about something not looking so good anymore. Chips were my biggest problem but I dont even give them a second look now. I mean just all the hard work that goes into to work it off and to get my blood sugars leveled makes it not worth it anymore…Remember cardio is good but you have to also do strengthing because you burn like twice as much.

Hi Rye,

Congrats on the weight loss! I love when I have to buy new clothes. I used to hate going shopping. Not anymore. I love Kohls. They have such great deals.

Oh chips were good. But like you, not anymore. I can’t justify it in my mind. I don’t want to work out more than I have to.

I know I should do strength training but I have limited time. I only have about 40 minutes a day 6 days a week. My sister is always on me for the same thing. She is in the USMC and gives me tips when I ask her. She is a runner and wants me to start running but I like the eliptical machine. I do change it up with the cardio machines because I understand that your body can get used to what you do and get in a rut.

I have been using symlin to help with my weight loss and to stabilize blood sugars. It has been working really well.

Let’s keep in touch and check in with each other with our weight loss! Hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

Hey Kathleen,

If you switch your days to 3 days of cardio and 3 days of strength then you will notice a difference faster. That is what I did I only do about 45 mins myself but I alternate my exercises. Once I started that I notice a difference. I love the eliptical myself, its so much better than a tredmill, almost like running under water. I dont like to shop since I gained weight either, I swear those mirrors are evil in the dressing rooms, lol…

Hi Rye,

I thought about what you said and I think that I will take your advice and try that. I am a bit nervous to cut my cardio but I know that it is the best thing to do. I will miss it though.

I work out at Planet Fitness and they have a 30 minute circuit training that I think that I am going to try since I have limited time in the mornings. I do have an eliptical machine in the living room and I used to use it all the time - but I like the one at the gym better so I don’t use it.

Thanks for the suggestion - I am excited to try something new now. Are your clothes fitting better now that you have switched to cardio & strangth training? I am hoping that works for me.

I am going to visit my sister who is in the USMC and will work out with her for a few days. I know that I wont be able to keep up BUT I am much more fit than I was before. She is going to be very surprised when she sees me. :slight_smile:

We have even encouraged our mom to join the gym and she is on the treadmill and does the cardio classes a few times a week. Mom and sister were always the health nuts - now I am getting close.

Have a wonderful day.


Yeah I just joined this group. Being that it is March 2012 I was wondering how is your progress? I am going through the same thing right now. Every time I exercise it's like I go hypo. Once my hypo hits I give up. It's like I feel like I can't win for losing but at the same time I'm getting fat. :( Glad to know other people feel the same way I do. I can really use some advice about things to do and what not to do. Thank You :)

Hi Ameena,

Its frustrating because you dont know your body yet...I learned that I have to make sure my numbers are around 250 before I do a cardio work out. I know that strenghth exercises do not bring my numbers down as fast as cardio so I can keep my numbers normal if I am only doing that. When I do a lot cardio I keep my meter near by because every 15 miins I check. I either have juice or sports drinks along with water. When its low I drink my juice and wait 15 mins for it to go back up. It takes time, I didnt learn all that in a day or even a month. Just try not to give up...

I have seen some progress since I wrote this but not as much as I would like. I would admit I did back off exercising for a short time but I picked it backed up. I dont like to weigh myself but I can tell from how my clothes fit. My stomach and arms is where I gained most of my weight from insulin and my stomach has went down alot, my arms also...still have a long road ahead but Im still fighting the good fight, lol...I read from others on here that it takes awhile but eventually they meet their goal...Its unfortunate that we cant just drop weight in a matter of weeks like most but as long as you stay focus I am sure you will get to your goal...

Today was my third day exercising. I just been doing cardio, but nothing hard core yet. So I eat a Crackerful before I start and it does good. For instance today I was 98 before working out and ate the crackerful then after working out I was 83. I'm hoping my plan works. I'm trying to start out slow and find that comfort level and slowly climb that working out more.