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This is the team you join to get support shedding those extra pounds.

Thanks Melissa,
Your shoulder may get awefully tired holding me up.(LOL)

Nah - I’ve had to use some shoulders myself, Debe… and the biggest thing I’ve learned is that everyone needs someone to lean on for support, no matter the circumstances, sweetie. If you ever need me, I’ll be here…


Do you relize you will be putting up with me through Thanksgiving and Christmas, besides New Years Eve. Did I tell you I’m Italian, sheesh that means big family get togethers…Stay tune!!!(LOL)

rofl tuning in to Debe’s world

Debe, that’s one reason I discussed a sliding scale insulin with my doc - there are 9 kids in my mother-in-law’s family, with 6 of them living within a 60 mile radius of each other (and Granny B, dh’s grandma). We’re talking 60+ folks at Thanksgiving sometimes, and about the same at Christmas… They are all wonderful cooks - and queso and chips figure prominently as snacks because everyone is always hungry - and I told my doc I couldn’t possibly go and NOT eat dessert of some sort… upside down german chocolate cake, banana pudding, homemade pumpkin bread - you get the picture, right?

I promise to put up with you if you promise to put up with me… Is it a pact - and do we gotta swear on blood (being you’re Italian)? giggling


PS: You know that filled ribbon candy they sell at Christmas, and the little valentine hearts in February? Um yeah… payback time will come… you’ll have to put up with me then, as I’m determined not to touch them. hahahaha

You got a deal…!!.

Woohoo!! So it’s all set up now… I’m so grateful that we can support each other like this, Debe. You’re awesome! =)


a new insulin pump will be launched very soon by Debiotech company
I m waiting waiting they say it will be the best innovation in terms of diabetes management and also costv saving


Hi all! Here for moral support - both receiving and giving. I controlled my type 2 for 20 years after my last pregnancy with diet and exercise, maintaining an 80 lb weight loss for 5 years until a stressful job and a water leak in my house helped me eat my way into sorrow and comfort, gaining it all back again. After turning 40, and having high bp and heart disease, I’m on Byetta and Metformin, and trying desperately to stop the damage I’ve left go on for the past 10 years. Here’s to a realistic New Year’s resolution of trying to be good!

I need some support to keep moving. I have walked off quite a bit of weight and now need some more motivation… so help is more than welcome.

I have worked out my entire life, ran a marathon and am getting ready to cycle for the MS 150 from Houston to Austin, TX. I just bought the Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser trainer) DVD and it’s awesome. She doesn’t scream and yell and she has three levels of 20 minute workouts that mix cardio, strength training and Abs. I’ve done it each workday for 1 week and can already see the toning happening. You’re supposed to be able to “Lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days!” :slight_smile: Good luck to you!

Okay all… this last Monday I joined a gym. Worked out for the first time in years… OMG! Things hurt that I didn’t know I had. LOL. I am about to go again. Wish me luck.

I am new to your forum and a newly diagnosed diabetic. Of course the standard is I need to lose a few pounds. I have started to walk the tredmill in increments of 10 min. several times a day due to back problems, hip and knee problems. Knees have been replaced and hip surgery is coming soon. Back has had 4 surgeries and rods and pins from T10 down to L3. Neurosurgeon says no exercise, endo says exercise. So I am doing the best I think I can by breaking it up into small stints of 10 min several times a day. I am still trying to get my body regulated to the insulin Lantus 30 units at night. I have found that when I do exercise my BG gets very low. Other times it is still fairly high. Haven’t gone on a fast acting insulin yet. It has only been a month since diagnosis. Any suggestions as to what you all do after exercise would be appreciated.

It is a high intensity work out combining the cardio, strength training and abs and I’ve found it to be very effective. I like to exercise outdoors as well, but fighting off neighborhood dogs in the TX heat had me looking for other options. I have run, walked and cycled outdoors for years and actually prefer this DVD as I really feel the impact. I just moved from the beginner level to the intermediate level two days ago and already feel the impact. The DVD is cheap too! Bonus!

Where can you get the Jillian Michaels workout DVD? The cold weather has me stuck inside and very bored of my stairstepper.

Online. I’m not sure if it’s in stores, but I paid $7.95 with no shipping costs online.

Alright, well. I’ve been overweight for years. And, about a year ago, I made an effort to lose weight. I lost 20 lbs on my own. Then, over the summer, I lost another 10 lbs (i was pre-diagnosis DKA). I gained some of it back once I got on insulin… but… I’ve lost 6 lbs since my last doctor’s visit… so I’ve very happy! My goal is to lose another 30 lbs. Half way there!

hello emily and how are you? for me i want to lose about 25 lbs., the weight mostly is around the waist. it likes it there i guess. LOL!!! i really don’t eat alot.
for snack at work i have the special k bars and i love the special k drink ice tea protein drink.

Has anyone heard of the Lyrica making you gain large amounts of weight? I have has a lot of people and a nurse and my dr. tell me that it does. He took me off of it and I have lost a few lbs. already. He put me on topomax instead but I am still having the pain. I think he is going to have to increase the dose. I know Lantus also makes you gain weight but he put me back on it because my sugars was 400-500 so I had no choice.

Any advice on dramatic blood sugar rises after exercise? On a rare good day when I start out with a sugar under 150 and then exercise w/o eating and after intense exercise my sugar rises to 300+. It is so frustrating… Any info would be appreciated…