Stupid Fat!

Someone please tell me how much insulin they cut to lose weight. I currently cut my insulin by about 30 units through low carbs and excercise. So how long will I have to wait for the pounds to melt off? Or am I just being delusional and am destined to be an oink forever.

I would love to hear any and all suggestions/advice.

Don’t think you’re delusional:) Some people just take a bit longer to lose weight, so don’t give up. Cutting 30 units is a lot. Don’t know how many carbs you’re eating or for how long, but low carb is the route.

This calculator may help.

Protein is critical, but if you’re eating more than you need it’s more difficult to lose weight

That is a lot of insulin, to be reduced, so I might not cut any more. Losing weight is a tough thing even for those who do not take additional insulin. For those of who do, it is doubly difficult. I often tell my doctors that I can lose weight anytime they dont mind my A1C’s above 10. It is easy then. I have never had any takes.

You might consider a program like WW. I have lost just over 50 lbs using the program and have dropped my insulin a bunch. All I can say is that works for me.

rick phillips

Wow. I guess my thinking is that those who use insulin have an added challenge managing weight. Just cutting insulin is not a knob that you can turn up and down to manage your weight. What I would suggest is that matching your insulin regime as closely as possible to your needs to achieve a “normal” blood sugar will give you the best conditions to lose weight. I’ve always had good luck with low carb diets, but others have also restricted calories. Also, if you want to “burn fat,” the best metabolic state for that is when your blood sugar and insulin levels low, that restricts your available sources of glucose for energy and helps shift your body to draw on your fat reserves. But with us diabetics, it is a fine line, demand too much energy in this state and your body will dump blood sugar. That is why I actually like to suggest a long walk as a good fat burning approach, you know, like when you walk through the entire mall and don’t buy a single thing.

ps. Remember the last part “don’t buy a single thing” or you will be mad at me.

It took me about 5 years to drop 80 lbs (275 to 195?) and then I sort of plateaued for a while, with occasional runs down to 190 but then I’d be like ‘yay I lost 5 lbs’ and debauch for a week and get it back. Last summer I ran up to 207 in a wild beach week of tequila and beer and junk food pretty much all the time but got refocused when I got back and am now in the high 180s. Mostly I just cut carbs out. If my TDD is < 40, I’ll drop a lb and if it goes above 50 I’ll gain a pound.

Thanks, I am unfortunately well aware of my broken knob :slight_smile: . But I have been working my butt off (literally) enough to have had to drop my insulin by 30 units. I work out everday and intake a very low carb amount. My bloodsugars have been fantastic, and I feel good. But of course my insecurities are always nagging at me. I want to be healthy… really, REALLY healthy. I just want to be the best me that I can be.

Great job! I seem to be losing weight steadily, I just cut my carbs and try to really control my bg’s especially with excercise. Losing weight seems to be an obnoxious task.

Wow that calculator suggests al lot of protein per day! Thank you for the info, I much rather eat protein then deal with moody carbs. :slight_smile:

You are awesome. That is all. Awesome!

Just curious. How much protein was suggested for your ideal weight?

It says I should eat 120 g of protein and 236 g of fat. Please note that the calculator is for a ketogenic diet, you need to enter a number of grams of carbs that corresponds to a ketogenic diet. You should probably enter less than 50g, and if you follow Dr. B, only 30g.

You know, we all have hopes and expectations. I really want to look like Ryan Reynolds. Unfortunately, well, you can see my face. You know, you have a self image and you sound unhappy with things. But I can tell from your picture, you look pretty darn good. I have to be honest tho. You aren’t going to just fix this and wake up tomorrow looking like Halle Berry. And if that is your measure of success, you are going to be dissappointed.

Instead, what I have done is establish health and fitness goals, goals that I can easily work towards and achieve. Whether it is getting my A1c down or lifting more weight in the gym or going a longer distance and faster. These are all achievements that in themselves do nothing to make me look like Ryan Reynolds, but over time add up to being really healthy. And after all, that is what really matters.

Ha! I think I like the “Pre Brad Pitt” Angelina Jolie body… although I have never been one to compare/envy. I suppose what set me off was my Dr. I most certainly know that I cant wake up the next day and miraculously be… well whatever it is I want to be.

However, I am most definitely not healthy right now. I was just put on blood pressure meds (the lowest dose) but still. My Endo told me the fat must go. Which of course, turned my microscope on. I have definite health goals. Lose the weight get off the hb meds, possibly run in a 5k, and the collateral, look fantastic in a little black dress.

In the long run, my health (and fear of complications) mixed with a couple tbsp insecurities, brutally honest Endo team, and hb meds makes for a collection of well neuroses. All of course within a healthy context.

I eat about 60 cho a day. It told me 159 protein and 110 of fat.

Not so much ‘awesome’ as persistent? I saw results but they were really slow. I could blow a week in 20 minutes inhaling a burrito but wouldn’t give up when I’d do stuff like that. It’s just a matter of keeping at it. The exercise and all that helps but it became something beyond diabetes for me, I sort of keep the diabetes in line because I don’t want it to get in the way of the TKD when I was doing that or running now? I think anything could be a diversion. I used to always get blasted after dinner b/c I’d take huge shots and read until my BG got low and I couldn’t read, test, eat and keep reading, which is sort of inefficient b/c I’d read the same page 10 times before I’d go test? Now, that doesn’t happen b/c I have tools (CGM) to babysit it with and the pump seems to avoid the up and down patterns as much?

Dear Rick

Do weight watchers have a low carb diet option ?

159 grams is about 5.6 ounces, so not so very much protein. Of course if you lowered carbs, amount of protein & fat would increase.

Does your medical team know FOR SURE that losing weight is going to get you off BP meds? Because there are lots of people at normal weights whose high BP does NOT go away.

You can do all the other fun stuff (run in a 5k, look fantastic in a LBD etc) without reference to your weight. I’m afraid you might get disappointed if you think losing any amount of weight is going to solve anything in your life. Much better to just go out and live your life to the fullest, look after yourself, and in the process you just might shed a few pounds or you might not, but don’t kid yourself that a smaller dress size is going to be like some magic genie in your life.

What about adding a small dosage of Metformin? Your sensitivity to insulin will improve and thus you will need less insulin.

I love hearing experiences such as these, 51 years with Type 1 is impressive. I definitely see that low carb is the way to success. Again I applaud you.