One Drop launches Automated Decision Support for type 2s not on insulin: forward-looking glucose forecasts up to 12 hours ahead

Three months after unveiling the concept at ADA’s DiabetesMine D-Data Exchange and right on par with guidance (3Q18), One Drop announced that its Automated Decision Support (ADS) feature has launched for a small group of active non-insulin-dependent type 2 users. ADS, which gives users forward-looking glucose forecasts up to 12 hours ahead based on limited fingerstick data, food logging, exercise data, and other contextual inputs (e.g., demographics, weight, A1c), will expand to all eligible users “over the next few weeks.” Impressively, One Drop starts generating forecasts based on a single fingerstick, which then update based on the data entered. As expected, the predictions are at least sometimes accompanied by non-clinical recommendations to avoid glycemic excursions, e.g., “Awesome job being in range, now let’s stay there. Consider taking a 15-minute walk and remember to hydrate!” CEO Mr. Jeff Dachis’ post adds that users will receive no more than one insight per day, a wise choice to limit data fatigue in a population likely has less glycemic variability, lower risk of hypoglycemia, and much less fingerstick data.

He also reiterated the plan to deliver glucose predictions for those on insulin, which we imagine requires significantly more modeling and a regulatory submission. See inside for a review of the ADA poster data and potential competitive offerings.