Apple selling glucometer in their stores

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Does it work slower after a few months so you have to buy their newer one.

After they admitted slowing down phones on purpose I am astounded anyone would go near an apple product

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The product is not made by Apple.

The One Drop meter can be more than just a meter and may work well with Apple apps.

The strips get horrible reviews on amazon

what does it matter who it’s made by - they took ownership by marketing it and linking it to their other stuff. Oh but hey, it’s chrome plated by nine year olds chained to benches in china

Are they expensive?

The meter itself is $70. The real benefit to Onedrop is the subscription service which provides unlimited strips. There is also coaching but I didn’t find it to be useful since I’d already been doing all of the things they suggested. However if I was a diabetic newbie I probably would have found it very helpful. I still use the app to track everything and look up foods and it is pretty nice.

There are complaints about the accuracy. It says its FDA approved and approved by the diabetes technology society. But, this study didn’t specifically look at One Drop. The study that they reference was years ago. One of us will have to try it and provide feedback.

Does it interface with the standard apple HealthKit app? Thats what Loop is using to prevent loss of automated control when G6 gets flaky after sensor insert.

I just got super high blood sugar and felt horrible and fell asleep and had a terrible nightmare that I was hacked. It was awful, I started reinstalling operating systems and waiting…then I went walking around while I waited and there where little swimming holes every where with fun rubber duckies floating in them. All my diabetes tech got wet and got ruined. I did get to go swimming, though, if only in my nightmare. I’ve been wanting to go swimming all day.

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I looked at the one drop system awhile a go. I don’t need to track medications, or really track my carb consumption (I am obsessive low carber)
The real reason I did not use the system is that I am looking to replace the old glucose buddy system where they gave you graphs, which worked well for me, I don’t want averages, predictions or time in range. Etc. I would prefer to be able to track BG before during an after exercise as there graphs. Same with before and after eating. I don’ think that system does that. I will look at it again. If someone knows that one drop can do that I would like to know.

Truthfully since I have spent the last 8 years with an A1c between 5.6 and 5.9
I really would just like to be able to record BG levels, on a graph.

The reporting function does let you choose graphs but not the regular day to day functions of the app.

I used the meter for almost 2 years and I would consider it on par with the contour next. I also tested it whenever I had a blood draw and compared it to the lab results and it was always pretty spot on. The only reason I stopped using the system is I went onto a CGM so I didn’t need unlimited strips anymore.