Wine and Diabetes: How Do You Deal With It?

Malbec Wine
A while back I read the news about the finding by a group of researchers in France who discovered a substance in red wine that supposedly helps combat obesity and diabetes. Being the wine lover that I am, I was happy to read about this, though I know it's very easy to find studies that support just about anything under the sun. :)

This finding wasn't all that new, as a 2003 study done at Harvard School of Public Health found that women as young as 25 who consumed a glass or two of alcohol a day were at a 58 percent lower risk of developing diabetes than non-drinkers.

Now most of us reading this are either diabetic or visiting this site because we are friends or relatives of someone with diabetes, so what good is it to know of the effect of wine in the prevention of diabetes to us? That is why I researched a little more and found out a very interesting post by Stephen Reiss, Ph.D., author of the award winning, who also happens to be diabetic. In his post "Diabetes and Wine", he writes:

Considering the health benefits of red wine, many diabetics, myself included, consider that a moderate amount of red wine is down right good for us. Most of the expert sources reluctantly agree. If you test, and red wine does not seem to be effecting your GI, than a glass or two with a meal may be for you.

Based on my experience, I tend to agree with him. Now, for a while I've compensated for a glass of wine as about 15 gr of carbs (which I've found to be in agreement with the recommendations by the ADA). If I have more than one glass, when I follow this rule I tend to find myself low (70-80) a while after drinking the wine. I wanted to ask you about your experience with wine and diabetes and how do you normally cover for a glass of wine?