One of Those Days

This is one of those days I wish it was all different. No diabetes, no insulin, no pump, no pokes, no syringes, etc.
So, today was a pod change day. No worries, I have done this so many times. Got through everything and put the pod on. A minute later beeeeeeeeep. Occulsion Detected. Thank goodness for that alarm. So, pod #2 goes through priming and all that. Put the pod on and no alarm. I put that one on at 9am. At 1130am I could feel it coming, the urgent need to pee…the nasty mouth…the stomach ache. Pulled out my trusty meter: 376! What? Oh my. Now, sometimes on pod change days I run a little higher at lunch, maybe 150-160, but never over 200. So I did the suggested correction units and the dreadful waiting begins. 115pm rolls around…still feel like crap. Check my level: 414! What? You’re supposed to be going down not up…so I rush home (thank goodness I only live 5 mins from work) and take a shot of correction unites and then I change the pod again. Well, pod #3 failed during priming…so I grabbed my hammer, walked outside, and took my agression out on that poor little pod. So denfenseless against my fury! So, I am now wearing my fourth pod of the day and my level is: 356. So it’s coming down thank goodness. I took the rest of the day off so I could keep an eye on it and make sure it’s not going to go all crazy on me again. My A1C is totally going to blow this coming time. Between this and my vacation. I didn’t do too horrible on my vacation time, but I kind of let myself go - controllably though. Anyway, just had to vent to those who understand how sucky being high is. Thanks for reading =)

yikes. It’s things like that that make me not want to use Omnipod. But then again, today is clearly not a normal day.

Thinking of you! Hang in there!! :slight_smile:

yeah these kinds of things scare me about the pump/ omnipod haha hope you are doing alright!

Well, it’s 4:45 and my level is finally down to 142! So it looks like this ordeal is over! Thanks for all the words =)