One of those screwed up nights where i dont know what to do

so its, i just got home from my bf’s house, haven’t eaten since 4 30 today, had a low after I ate because i took a unit of novorapid, about 3 hours ago my sugar was 111, perfect. Usually when i get home i eat a small snack and go to bed so I don’t get low, checked my sugar about 3 times just then, its 200!! so here i am wanting to go to bed, but scared that it will drop because i haven’t eaten a thing, scared to eat anything for fear that it will spike higher… uggghh annoying… times like these i wish i had the pump already… advice anyone?

I am not T 1 so do not know how it works in relations to food… With that said, as a T2 I go high when i go for long periods of time without eating. After I eat my BG comes down from the spike.
Good luck and may be someone with some experence will respond soon.

My humble advise ( I hope I understood your message correctly ) and I suppose you use Lantus /NovoRapid ??? to eat regular scheduled meals : at breakfast, lunch and supper times and poke your finger more often .When you become a pumper you can be more your meal times and you still may have lows and rebound :frowning: …what is your carb ratio?? You may have been setting your self up for a rebound to 11 ( 200 ) plus due to the low .Don’t we all hate that …

If you have any ketone in the urine,you have to take insulin bolus,and repeat testing ,if not,and worried about hypo,with lantus working,you may skip extra dose.

trust me the pump doesn’t always solve it either. Last night I had my last meal around 7:30pm, I checked it before I went to bed (around 11pm) and it was 134, so the trusty pump said take .20 units of Apidra and I did. (side note: My sugars go up at night while I sleep so my boluses are programmed for that) Anyway I checked this morning around 7am and it was 221! What in the world!?!?!

It is frustrating, but I accept the fact that some things just can’t be explained…

Hi Jill
I know how you feel allot of times I’m wondering what mines going to do threw the night. I have been lucky that my body has always woke me when I’ve gotten low in the middle of the night shakes or sweats or just can’t sleep.
I can eat the same thing each day and my numbers are so far off I just can’t figure it out yet. The pump may be in your future IDK. Good luck.

Yeah it’s strange how my sugars will rise even if i up my insulin and do not eat… oh dont i miss those honeymoon days. Leah that’s crazy your sugars go up during the night and you have to bolus at 134, mine are always the opposite, i find i have to keep my blood sugar around 144 before bed or they will drop at night

Yeah, I found that I have to be careful how late I eat and I try to make sure my sugars are around 120. I get a better nights sleep. Of course there are times of exception… i.e. the other night. All was good this morning, I actually woke up much lower that I like… 78.

I hate that there isn’t a set formula… I can do formulas. :slight_smile: