One of those wierd days!

Only a diabetic can appreciate days like this. Woke up at 6am was high, but not greatly 249 took 5 unit Humalog went back to bed. With my insulin sensativity should of come down to around 100 -125. Got up at 8am was 79 ate breakfast 80-90 grams of carbs and took my 40 units of Lantus went to church got home still in the 70’s ate a English Muffin cheese sandwich plus 40 grams of carbs read a book checked at 3:00 was 100 by dinner time was low didn’t get a chance to check - flank steak, 50 grams carbs potatoes, 30 grams corn. One hour after dinner 135. Total Humalog for the day 5 units versus 25. Oh yes not alot of excercise to make up difference. I get these day every once in a while. Doesn’t everyone. Never know how to explain them.

Wow. Sounds like a good day to me! Even if you don’t know why it was good! :slight_smile: